My thoughts after a day or so

I bought into the alpha here, from the moment I started, I loved it. I like the play style, the feel, I like crushing stuff, getting loot, etc. The only suggestions I have that seem to feel a bit clunky or confusing are the following:
Crafting - I understand, but I’m guessing there is a lot of RNG there?
Loot - I spend too much time trying to compare stats vs. armor rating vs. color and still am a bit confused as to why at level 40 I’d be picking up the same loot as at level 5.
Respec’ing - I wish there was a way to “start from scratch” there. I hadn’t realized I had certain skills available to me until I had already specced a certain way.

Anyway, this is the funnest game by far I’ve played in a long time. Thank you!


yea crafting/loot i feel need a rework or something once you find an ok armor piece you end up holding onto for a looonnng time and dont really find many replacements cause of rng crafting/upgrading concerns and as for respecing you can just talk to the NPC with the pink head/brain icon above him for passive talents and for spells talents you can just despec it and respec starting fresh again cause spells only go up to lvl 20 but in the upper left hand side theres a button that lets you unspealize it just in case you wanna switch a different spell out

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