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My Suggestions, Thoughts and fixes so far!

Okay so first of all, i have not tried this game that much yet… I am level 24-25’ish in chapter B, but i’ve still noticed some stuff that needs fixing or some things that could definetly use an upgrade/rework.
The list below is the things i found implemented or fixed.
Feel free to use any ideas as you see fit :slight_smile:

  • When you are in skill menu, pressing S again should close the skill menu again.
  • Make it so that you can zoom in/out on both minimap (in corner) and tabbed minimap (on screen)
  • The Unique armour Urzil’s Pride doesn’t increase mana regen, atleast not in character sheet. (Not sure if it actually does increase it, but just not showing on character sheet)
  • Heavy lagzone in Forsaken Trail atleast. I tried changing settings (since high quality grass made a grass area alot less laggy, than low quality grass), but nothing happened in Forsaken Trail. Almost unplayable zone with that lag (10-15fps)
  • You get full HP on lvl up, but not full mana?
  • Make Teleport an upgradable skill… Maybe some passives like one direction: “Summon clones on use” - “Clones deal 20% of your dmg” - “Clones casts your mouse cursor spell”
    Another direction could be “Adds an additional charge” - “Less mana spent/faster cast” - “Use again to relocate to previous/starting point” (Meaning teleport into enemies, then use again before 1 or 2 seconds have passed, to return to original point of the cast)
    Maybe also add something like “Reduced dmg taken after using teleport” or some other utility/defensive options… Might even be “Cast Ice Nova on use” (for freeze where you teleport to)
  • Make it so zones and map doesn’t reset every time you go into town to sell. Annoying when having explored 80% of a dungeon, then getting lost after losing your visible map. (Maybe make it like instanses that close after 10-15 mins of inactivity or make it so you can reset zones yourself)
  • Remove Marks above NPCs after finishing quests and maybe change symbols above their heads, so a new quest is a ? and active quest/continuation of a quest is ! or something like that.
  • Make it so that you can use space or another hotkey to fast forward on dialogues. Maybe also add a “clear screen” hotkey for clearing screen of dialogue boxes, chatbox, any open windows (inventory/character screen etc.)
  • Make it possible and clear to see, which areas you have/have not visited on map. Like a little colour circle around the areas that you have already entered, so you won’t run backwards to places you’ve already been (caves etc.)

That said, my overall thoughts of the game so far are pretty good… I can still feel the early alpha vibe over this game yet. But i see some potential for sure… Good work.

That’s a pretty good list, I’m pretty sure that Teleport will be an upgradable skill, all skills actually, but don’t think I have read it anywhere. I would really love to zoom the map (which is a bit buggy in the last zones anyway), and I really don’t like resetting the zones everytime you leave and enter again. But I’m pretty sure all of this will be addressed.
I think it’s good that you wrote down those points, I’m always conflicted about writing that stuff myself because I always assume it will be addressed anyway because it is just alpha (and this is the first time I decided to put down money for this kind of access, so lack the experience to know better), because I don’t think that they are oblivious to these things. But I’m pretty sure it’s the right call to voice these things so my hat’s off to you. Thanks.

Edit: My experience with Forsaken Trail btw, so you’re not alone. I’m playing on low settings now: FPS or Latency issue


Thank you for the great feedback!

Just wanted to quickly clarify a few things;

  • We’re working on optimization at the moment and hope to have significant FPS improvements soon. Apologies for some areas being worse than others!

  • Teleport, and all other skills, will have specialization trees for release. Most patches include at least one more specialization tree, and we’ll continue to add more.

  • Greater zone persistance will be implemented in future. This is something that will be handled differently for online and offline characters, so it’s a lot of work.

  • We totally hear the feedback with regard to quest icons being confusing at present, and we’ll be working on this so that they’re much clearer in future.


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