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My suggestions after 100 hours

Just got my 100th hour on this game and I thought Ill give my 2cents as a vet ARPG player.
I love the game and can’t way to see it progress further.
Some of these will be minor, some more profound, ill try to put them in an order from more impactful to least.
Ill write my opinion on some of these and my suggestion on a way to mitigate that will be in bold

  1. Blessing situation.
    The blessing situation in the current game state is a very grindy, strong quit point.
    I understand that in the current state of the game, where there is not a lot of content still, it might be necessary to keep it like that so players will have a reason to run a monolith again. But in the future I strongly suggest to do something about it.
    Ill explain the problem as an example that happened to me-
    A fire sorcerer trying to grind for the increased fire damage/fire shred blessing.
    When I get the choice after a few runs between the two, fire damage increase with almost max roll but chose the fire shred because I thought it was better. Only to realize that was a mistake.
    Now I can grind again to hope to find the damage increase again, and even if I do, it will be a very high amount of runs until ill find that roll again.
    Frustrating to say the least, and was a very strong point for me to ditch the sorc and move to something else.

Maybe have the blessing equipable drops, maybe even tradeable in the future, or change it completely.

  1. Character mastery:
    For a reason similar to the blessings- choice is to final (unless Im missing something)
    If I want to change my mastery I need to level a new char again? Very strong quit point.

Have it respecable, maybe a high price or a special something. Maybe have the player to undergo a quest to change it.

  1. A way to juice up the monolith.
    Yes, we have corruption but as it stand that isn’t really enough.
    I would really like to see a way to juice up the echo somehow, with more monsters, with rarer monsters etc.
    As it stand, the monsters are just in the way for me to get my objective (finish the echo and progressing the monolith) where it should be the other way around. the real reward should be the monsters. and currently I am inclined to skip them and speedrun the echo.

  2. Randomize map.
    Thats a bit more difficult to implement I understand… but at least a little?
    “slay enemies to find a thing…” I don’t have too… i know where the thing is…

  3. Monsters aggro
    Monsters a little too passive, meaning the player can see them standing in place looking menacingly if the player is far enough. not a problem dropping a meteor on standing in place monsters :). That shouldn’t be the case.

Increase monsters aggro a little, just enough so players won’t be able to see them standing in place.

  1. Loot filter - show on map
    I love the firewall-y loot filter… teaching kids how to use fortigate from a young age is important :slight_smile:
    We see unique and set items on the map, but it would be nice to be able to filter out items to see on the map as well.
    For example, I would like to see all exalted items.
    Or all items with a certain affix.

  2. difficult to click on a portal
    Im probably not the first complaining on that subject, somtimes i need to move away from the portal just so I will be able to click it again.

  3. buffs icon
    Some buffs are showing, like sigil of hope and cauterization from meteor. But some are not, like holy aura (active as well).
    Have them all show up please.

  4. wormhole
    The wormhole is a bit weird, its just blocking vision while the player can still move and fight and take damage, and then there is a loading screen.

Have the wormhole be the loading screen, the player just feels like he/she is waiting twice, once for the wormhole animation and one for the loading screen.

  1. Rune of cleansing
    What is that for? Maybe im missing something but I don’t see a signle use for that.

Either remove that or change it to “remove 2 affixes” or something of that sort.

11.stack arena keys

  1. Transfer to stash
    Why do glyphs automatically transfer to stash but runes and shards don’t?
    Thats kinda weird…

Either have all of them transfer or none. I suggest all of them.

  1. Better training dummy.
    I love the dummy, but a small suggestion to consider:
    Maybe have it show above its head the debuff that it got, maybe give the player the ability to modify its resistances, armour, defences etc etc to see how the different mechanics affect different skills.
    Could be cool.

  2. critical stirking
    You guys did an excellent job mitigating the “WTF just killed me” aspect some games suffer from.
    I would like you to consider though, adding a critical strike animation to the monsters, could be a spark when something hits or maybe the damage will be blue instead of red or something of that sort.
    Also add “you have been killed by this attack, and it was a critical strike” on the death screen?

Something to consider for the future online trading situation:
This is a sore point in so many online ARPG games.
Some of them have discord communities for trading, some of them are a scamming fest…
I realize its a very difficult thing to get right, a free auction house might bring players to the end game to quickly, while having players trading on their own will invite scamming.
Ill give POE as an example. POE solution to not having an auction house is not so good in my opinion.
I understand their point - auction house will give you the items too quickly, but their solution…“you can still have the items you want, you just have to spam 100 people to get it until you get an answer and you might get scammed along the way” isn’t that good either.
I do believe that the perfect system will take the player out of it. The player shouldn’t have to be on the keyboard to sell an item.
Maybe a steep price for listing/buying an item.
Maybe you need a key to the bazaar.
What I would say is - experiment. and experiment a lot here… Please consider taking the player out of it.

Some bugs/fixes:
Maybe I should write it under bugs but I thought ill just cram it here:

-“Show all unique items” doesn’t show “Throne of ambition” unique.
-Game guide (great job on the game guid btw) on corruption states that defeating the shade does not affect timeline stability or active modifiers. But it does as far as I know.



Hey there… Welcome to the forums…

As you are new here I will simply say that every single item you have made a suggestion on has been discussed - most of them have threads with hundreds if not thousands of replies… Blessing grind, Mastery Respec, Difficulty levels, Show on map drops, portal clicking, wormhole hiding play/causing people to vomit, buff icons, auto transfers to stash, training dummy, trading etc.

I think the only one you mention that hasnt been touched on before is the Critical Stike “notification” "animation… :wink:

Its obvious you have some experience playing aRPGs and know what you are talking about (and have similar feedback with the vast majority of players here) … If you want to find out more (especially what the devs have said) I would suggest you search the forums for those discussions… and participate… maybe even consider chipping in on Discord.

and bugs… yes… please post those in the bug section - the devs keep track of them there…

Hello. Welcome to the community!

That is already part of the loot filter’s settings.

You can hear fights, but you don’t take damage. Your character stops taking damage the moment they activate the rift.

That’s a rune I often use. When an item has good implicits but affixes I don’t want, I can cleanse it and get a blank item with little instability and good implicits.

Yes, please, stack them!

Yes, that could be a useful information

And as Vapourfire wrote, most of your points were already raised multiple times and are dicussed. :wink:

Bro, he’s talking about seeing Uniques/Sets on the map, not highlighted by your filter in game. Currently we can’t see if an exalted dropped two screens over somehow on your map (but you CAN with set/unique).

As for the wormhole, still doesn’t make it right. It should be used as a loading screen and not before a loading screen.

admittedly, I didn’t search every little thing I wrote here in the forum. I assumed some of these were discussed. Of course I didn’t think for a second I am the first to bring all of these up, these are just my general suggestions on stuff in a feedback forum.

That’s not what I understood. OK, my mistake.

Sure. I was just correcting a small thing, but overall the wormhole is not in correct spot, we agree!