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My steam review of Last Epoch ''Between D3 and POE"'

This game is between diablo 3 and path of exile. More complex as diablo 3 but not as complex as path of exile. All this complexity is done in a very intuitive way. I planned the build of my first character myself and and I easily finished the campaign and did the first monoliths(endgame like greater rifts or POE maps) with it. All builds I made myself in POE were utter failures.

The game is beautiful and I like how it looks, it has varied areas from the ‘‘doom and gloom’’ look of the first acts to the beautiful corals of the 8th act. Death is more punishing than diablo 3 but far less then POEs extreme high level death penality: you lose monolith progress but you don’t lose exp.

This game is clearly still in early access, not all classes and skills are implemented and some extremely imbalanced skills still exist, both on the extremely overpowered and extremely underpowered scale of skills.I had 2 crashes in 45 hours.

A game with a complexity between diablo 3 and POE is actually what most players want I believe. I hope they keep polishing and expanding the game and neither simplify it nor make it as harsh as POE, Last Epoch is the perfect middle way between diablo 3 and path of exile.