My (small) journey with meteor, return on experience (~120 corruption)



I found quite early in my 0.9 experience an Harbinger of Stars - Unique Noble Sash - Belt - Last Epoch Item Database

I thought “looks like fun, let’s play around”. I did a quicksearch on internet and stumbled upon this video Harbinger of Stars Meteor Build Showcase: Upcoming Unique For Last Epoch 0.9! - YouTube which encouraged me further to try something. I really enjoyed the idea of playing the vilatria downfall set as I felt that all these green items in my stash were mostly underused.

I’m not a great player, and I need my builds to be tanky enough to accomodate with my overall bad placement and slowish reaction time therefore I had to find a way to give me a more comfortable buffer than what was shown on video, especially f I wanted to drop the shield. Coming from my old low life EQ bear and having already an exsanguinous / 15% last step of the living right at my disposal I decided to give it a try, especially because the set wants us to stack int already, and therefore ward retention.

Current setup

Ideal (?) setup

Overall thoughts

I have currently 1675 hp at level 83 which translate in ~3500 ward unbuffed. Flameward is providing ~1000 ward on the click of a button, with all the other nice defensive benefits. With the TP buff, I’m around 3800 ward maintained.

Passive node “Lost Knowledge” in sorcerer is really helping with the ward regen as I still manually cast meteor a lot (tp on ennemies - flameward - cast meteor - spam mana strike - recast meteor). The proc from the belt is nice but I feel not that reliable.

I’m able to do do corruption ~120 without it feelng too much of a chore, but I can’t really say if this is really scalable or not. I did not atempted any dungeon.

One very big issue I have is that I can’t spec in “Rift Bolt” for lightning pen, as it comes with leech and that’s bad. Like very very bad as I found out that when you leech and your health goes up, your ward goes down as it seems not to be generated anymore by your chest and boots.

Overall I don’t know if it is really strong or not, but I found it quite enjoyable to play so I decideto share it there if anyone would be interested. Also, you may have some thoughts about improving the whole thing, and I’m obviously open to any feedback :slight_smile: .

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haha. i had the same thought, i wanted to use that unique and meteor, because i hadn’t played a meteor based build.

thanks for posting!

p.s. i was talking about the belt. i’m going to try and stay fire based, as ridiculous as that may be in the current state of the game.