My Runemaster feedback

I am back playing LE after a year and Rune Master has been a fun class to play. I do have several feedback on the new skills. Also, they are still fun but I don’t write the good thing on the new skills here as it does not serve any purpose.

Frost claw:
The skill would feel a lot better if there is no arc delay due to verticality. It feels unresponsive when the projectile feels fast in the middle and slow at the start and the end. The whole experience made worse by the middle projectile miss the enemy due to its vertical arc.
A node that gives the skill explode on impact rather than the end would improve the clunkiness.

Flame rush:
Please remove the delay of explosion when using the node that auto-summon the glyph of dominion. It make the skill build clunky.
Needing to double dip on lightning conversion to reach frost conversion feels bad.
The node to double mana and cd efficiency by overcapping fire res to 150% is underwhelming for how much effort it need. It just reduces mp cost by around 3 and cd around 0.1-0.2s.

Frost wall:
I did not use this much but it feels clunky in a PVE ARPG to have a narrow line skill that only affects enemy that pass through, with high mp consumption. I can see the use in the arena but it is too circumstantial for my taste
Would be much better if by default, it is made into a true zoning skill, low-med MP and damage with freeze/ slow capability, so it can be used more freely. An alternative to snap freeze so to say, then the nodes can add the +dmg+mp option.

I think it suffers a similar identity issue with frost wall. Is it a damage skill or utility skill? I can see it being the main damage skill with increased expansion speed nodes but i have not try it out as I am still testing the runic invocation playstyle. Tbh, with so much offensive skill that runemaster have, I would prefer the glyph to have more utility nodes than the current one.

Underwhelming in term of using it as standalone skill, especially since it requires so much skill points to unlock. It is basically just multi-element fireball… i can see the use if building 3-element Runemaster but that’s all. Lots of utility in invoking but still can’t compete with other skills in term of damage and coverafe. In a weird spot as it rely too much on runic invocation that is cast only after every 2-3s. My impression is that the design purpose is just to reduce wrist pain. :smiley:

Runic invocation
Suffers same issue as old invoker in Dota. Too many skill combos and some combinations are just simply better by miles, rendering a lot of the other skills useless. My opinion is removing unique sequence order like current dota invoker would make the class easier to balance and optimized.
A new node to add duration would be nice.
The jump skill is fun but somewhat clunky as the jump is a lot slower than the movement speed.
Is there a way/node to improve the cast animation? Cast speed does not seem to do the trick

I feel that the latter part of the passives tree to be a bit underwhelming. No or few nodes that alter playstyle. The one that add duration to runeword is shockingly disappointing when I read it. Also, more than a point in the runeword %chance is a waste with how spammy the whole class is and because the runeword does not stack.
The passive nodes that requires active rune to have effects feels inconsistent to use when runic invocation constantly use up the rune (same issue with the node in the invocation skill)

I will add more as I experiment more.

Adding to frost wall identity issue. Its default is an enemy cc type that blocks enemy. But its utility nodes requires character to pass the wall. On a mage class that is fragile close range, it is contradictory to approach the wall/enemies.

For the glyph, the node to cast elemental nova on the delayed explosion is underwhelming as it only cast once. Should be auto-cast elemental nova during the delay period. Additional point for +1 fire aura seems yo be not worth it.

Also, this is my last feedback for a long while. I have the random PC freeze bug that need hard shutdown, and I am very worried I am destroying my PC by playing the game.

I haven’t played Runemaster yet, but it looks like a fair critique. I don’t image they will be changing the # of skills Runic Invocation has due to how much work they put into making 40 skills. However, I agree, it probably is overkill to have so many and it would make sense to limit the # of combinations by only counting the glyphs and not what order they appear in. This would also make it easier for player to memorize, and also player wouldn’t have to worry about messing up order.

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