My review of the game after 140 hours of playtime

i have spend 140 hours with this game, and i am now going to give my impressions of the game in its current state :slight_smile:

first of all, let me say, i have all chars in atleast lvl 85+ , but only made 5 characters 1 of the starting classes,

i have yet to complete monolith lvl 100 because im just finding new things to do all the time, but i have done most of lvl 90 monolith and arena spamming as well :slight_smile:

the story is good but lacks clarity for ppl who isnt reading the lore , it feels confusing without a clear narrative being told , so better clarification of the story and why your going to each timeline to experience what is happening and what was happening up to each point was confusing the first time through, although i enjoyed what they did here :slight_smile:

the endgame is good so far, it still has a long way to go, have seen every monolith map multiple times, and bosses many many times over, i have seen every unique item and set item that can drop , every affix, every suffix, here i hope that there will be some more game changing uniques that can spice up more build diversity since yellow items seem to rule alot as well as exotic items, a mix of everything would really be cool as long as the set, and the uniques serve a porpose of giving you a build ,

the skill tree is absolutly amazing, and by far the best part of this game, i have yet to see a better skill tree in a game like this, its easy to understand yet very deep and can give you a ton of builds, i still have many many builds i wanna try, which is rare for me ,

the game world it self is very good crafted, but i lack the feeling of dread, of ppl suffering, of the world ending, mabye its the level design that could go with some darker tones and music could be more akin to diablo, very gothic and grim mood ,

the boss designs is by far at its best in the end of the monolith quest which is coming at your third quest in the monolith spamming, which is abit underwhelming to get to, very repetitive and boring to drag your self on multiple characters through the same monoliths just to get to the boss , then mabye die a few ways up to him and lose too much progress, losing 4 echoes each time you die is fine at start, but quickly gets tedious , a system that works better here would be nice, expecially after you have done it on your 5th character and just wanna get to the boss quickly,

overall i really really cannot wait to see more from this game, i will continue to play it, i will continue to play each patch and this will probably be my main game for awhile! thank you for this amazing experience, and keep up the good game!


Hello! Welcome!

I share similar impressions as you and in particular

I kinda agree the world looks beautiful but they don’t convey what I would expect them to based on what the lores suggest - dread and despair in the ruined era, or a hive of activities in the divine era. I think @XLVI_carpo made a suggestion post long time ago that talked in greater details about this.

I think a lot of people share similar frustration with the current monolith and everyone spoke about wishing to get to the boss faster; whether it is to farm blessings, get boss drops, or to just practise the excellent boss fights. I agree something needs to be done here but I’m not sure things that help to progress to the boss quicker is necessarily the solution. In a recent discussion on this topic I thought monolith just lack enough worthy distractions en route to the boss to make the grind feel less tedious.

In any case, devs have hinted at improvements to the monolith system is coming in the next patch. We can hope that the new patch addresses some of these frustrations!

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Are you sure you already saw all unqiue and set items?

While you most likely saw some of the already multiple times, there are quite a few, that are random drops, that are very rare.

Also all empowered monoliths have extra uniques/set items in their loot table.

I totally want even more items, but there are already dozens of game-breaking or game-changing items out there.

Especially all the items that exclusively drop in MOF are all endgame items.

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I wonder about which dozen uniques that you are talking about.
As far as i saw on the wiki’s + videos on the internet and my own experience, LE doesnt even has dozens of uniques yet.

Am i missing something?
I actually think the game needs multiple more gameplay changing uniques.
POE does this really well in my opinion (every new league they keep delivering with new ones).

I really hope that what you say is true about the dozens uniques. Iam honestly curious, its not to “burn you”.

We currently have ~160 Unique Items (including Set Items)
(I don’t want to spoil you, but here is a list of all of them, in case you don’t wanna get surprised.)

List of all uniques

Unique items - Last Epoch Item Database (

I personally really like discovering all of them on my own and genuinely get surprised.

Some of them are more or less not “game-changing” or low-level and not endgame viable, but there are certainly alot game-changing ones.

Most notably every single MoF Boss drop is endgame viable and very strong (if you build around it)

Just MoF uniques/set items (which are all target farmable), we have 10 bosses * 3 uniques/set items = 30 Items (+1 that is a shared drop between multiple timelines)
2 Items per boss on normal and each boss has one additional empowered only drop.

Also there are quiet a few really rare random drops like Orian’s Eye and Exanguinous

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I wasn’t counting the set items with it. Only the uniques.
But yeah its reasonable to count the set items i aswell. I think a lot of set items are to focused on “stats”. You need those kind of items aswell, dont get me wrong.

I know this list. Thanks for hiding it non the less as a spoiler alert :).
I didnt count in the set items which i should have.
In my opinion the uniques that are in the game (which are more items then i realized despite having most of them), i think to many shouldnt even be a unique item.

Unique for me stands for a unique interaction or something that changes up your playstyle. Yes, you need filler uniques aswell to get a healthie balance in the game (chris wilson of POE mentioned this once).
However i think that stats like dodge increase etc should just be on rarer items (instead of uniques).

To give you some examples.
[Raindance] boots, just gives you stats and a chance to get more dodge (boring in my humble opinion).
Suloron’s step… same story.
Isodara’s tomb binding, fighting chance and the list goes on.
I see that some of those can be usefull but there are to many uniques imo that make a meh impact on build diversity or really playing or building your character in a different way.

Vale root for example is one for me that is a subtle one. It opens up support for a reflect build while having a chance of spawning a minion.

Maybe iam to spoiled with the uniques of Path of exile and the changes they make atm at boring uniques. They had the same problem with a lot of uniques and are changing them now.
The word and tag “Unique” gives me the assumption of a unique mechanic or stat.
While iam aware that some rare stats might not be found a normal items, like the health a leech stat, i think they should.
Instead make the unique items really worth the “unique” tag. But that is my opinion.

Others might see those stats worthy the unique tag. And thats oke.
I disagree with you that there are a lot build enabeling uniques. Maybe 10 at most in my opinion.

[Exsanguinous] unique being one of them.

I hope LE buffs and changes of some of the existing uniques and sets.

So even when removing the set items we stll have like ~140 unqiues, quite a few mroe than a few dozens :smiley:

Anyway, i agree that we need mroe “unique” uniques.

But some of the exampels you gave i disagree on.

Yes both of them give stat’s that are not “unique”, but they have stats that are unique for the slot. This makes them unique already, if they don’t implement more items with those stats on those slots.

Sure it’s not as unique as a game-changing affect, but i feel like your exampels were not very good.

Especially Suloron’s Step.
It’s one of the strongest offensive items, but you need to build around it, which fits a unique perfectly.
I really like trade-off uniques and this is one of the coolest ones in LE IMO.

Most of the fairly new uniques (all the ones introduced in 081 and 080) are all very cool and only the majority of the “older” uniques feel not unique.

Some of the very old ones were reworked, without changing their itednity, which made some of them alot cooler, but some are still boring compared to other ones.

But i have very much faith in all the uniques that EHG will implement in the future will keep the same level of “uniqueness” as the 080 and 081 ones.

I feel like they getting better at making those items and probably they also have the means to make some really cool things now (in terms of tech that is implemented in the game already)

No i agree with you about the amount of uniques after you showed the list.
I just dislike the meh impact and interesting mechanics a lot of them make on the game.

I disagree with your point of making it unique already because of a tag.
You might find my points weak which is your right but its my opinion.
If you compare the points that you are making with a lot of uniques items of path of exile, you could barerly call it a unique item lol. Which makes your points weak, see what i mean? Its your truth of thinking what a unique tag deserves to be a unique item.

Your view on what a unique item should look like is different then mine. That doesnt has to mean that my point is weak. It feels like you try to win the argument or something by saying that. Which you wont. Its just my opinion and i think to many uniques in LE are boring because of some uninteresting add stats, period. I don see how that is a weak argument by the way.

It would make a healthier discussion anyways by just keeping it to the discussion instead of saying somebodys opinion is weak. Just a tip.

It also makes me wonder if you ever played Path of exile.

Most of them are quite bland.

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You summed it up in one sentence for me. Thank you.

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