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My point of view after playing some time

Hello there,
I am still new player in this game (something about 100 hours) and I ve only killed Lagon once on hc char. Now I am sticking to masochist mode cause probably I am a masochist myself with such mode :wink: There are few things I would like to mention about - what I miss and what i would like to see in next patches. Of course it’s my opinion but I would like to be heard by guys responsible for the game. Maybe some of my ideas are not so terrible and you can do something about it ? :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. I would really love to see masochist ladder for sc/hc/sc solo/hc solo. It would really make me happy to see how I am doing when compared to other people. I have died like 30 times for now but still enjoying this sick mode. If you can make those ladders:)
  2. Some of the passives/skills choices should have better descriptions with dmg numbers. I am playing acolyte right now and for example:
    Eyes of Damnation: you have a chance to apply Damned on Hit - I know that you can check on-line about this dmg ailment but maybe put information with passive information after pressing alt ? Just simply add Base necrotic dmg and duration?
    Another example is Plague ailment.
  3. I think there should be something like skill dmg description with information changing when you pick some points in it ? Right now it’s int/str/agi stacking only. Maybe you can give us improved info about those skills?
    I ll give Spirit Plague example:
    Spirit plague: increased duration - I press alt on skill and see changed duration/ poison stacks - press alt and see for poison dmg per application ( I know that I can check it on other stats but this ll be much easier for players, especially new ones)/ increased bleed effect- press alt and see increased bleed value when I pick this talent)/ increased plague effect : alt and see changed numbers for dot dmg
    Same for other skills with scaling when picking some talents.
    This ll be great change!
  4. Buff icons showing remaining time on such buff. I know there are some buffs like that but please give us more :slight_smile: for example: bone armor from transplant with showing remaining buff time/ spirit plague increased overall dmg for 4 s - show it please :slight_smile: probably you are working on it so it’s totally fine, I can wait :wink:
  5. I wonder if it’s possible to add some icons on mobs that show how many poison/shred armor/bleed/ignite stacks they have on them ? This would also be a very nice addition to game :slight_smile:
  6. Some secret areas? No idea, maybe when u walk on something/click on some levers and you open some extra area not seen on map ?

Besides, game is so incredibly good and so much potential ! Can’t remember when I was so excited about computer game ! Looking for more of your work ! Keep up great job guys :slight_smile: Glad to be part of your beta community !
With respect,
MBJ :slight_smile:

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Hey buddy!

That passive tooltip is a great idea. The skill tooltips already get updated regularly. So if you see for example damned in a skilltree and press ALT theres a chance that it shows a tooltip with the DPS of that effect. But this depend on the skills.

Would defenitely be nice to have this info on passives, too.

The (de)buff stuff they are working on. It’s really obvious when you compare older with newer classes. Like Rogue has a ton of buff icons (so many that they temporarily ran out of icons and hat to recolour them :grin:). Sentinel has barely any buff icons for all that stuff that can proc.

The debuff counter is something that would be really nice since theres nothing currently computing all chances from passives, gear and skills together (and also attack speed has an influence on this). So for testing ailments and debuff this would be nice.

I often ask myself how much armour shred I can get out in a fight. And since debuffs are often capped (like all shreds besides armour shred) it would be interesting to know if I should take the risk of upgrading a shred affix on an item and maybe get a fracture or if the amount I have is totally enough.


There are hidden areas already in the game, they are currently “empty” but exist.

The thing with secret areas is, you only know they exist, when you found them :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey guys,
Thanks for your responses. I am happy that you can write your ideas and some people connected with game listen to your voice. That’s brilliant. They listen to you and they want to think about your ideas. Some of them are wrong, some of them are great BUT you are being heard - very good attitude. That is what makes good game developers - they listen to their community.
When I look at this game I am nearly 100% sure it ll be success - because devs care about feedback and trying to do their best to improve.

About secret areas - you know what I mean - goin there and gettin some special golden chest or mini boss with some fun loot :slight_smile: or shrine with unique item? that would encourage players to explore whole map. You know how it looks like in some games - run straight to monolith boss - kill - get loot. With such things you ll make people to look at whole map because maybe you find something special with nice loot?

Maybe doin some endgame monoliths - I have only done like 10 so I am the last person to say something. But you should think about makin some mini quests in monolith - no idea, for example collect 10 shards across whole map and you get for example to choose 2-3 buffs for next monolith with a price:

  • in next 2 monoliths you have 30% increased stun chance with ur spells but monsters got extra attack speed
  • in next 2 monoliths your ignite damage spread to 3 additional targets but monolyth boss have 30% higher chance to freeze you for 2s

Something like that ll be nice addition :wink:

I personally would like more open areas with “optional sides areas”, especially in the story campaign.
But i think that’s very different from “secret areas”.

LE definitely needs a little more “open feel”. We don’t need open world, but having some stuff at the end of some side areas, like chests or a mini boss or a ambush from several rares mobs and stuff would make the game feel more rewarding, if you wanna explore maps.

The whole MoF system is continously being worked on, in fact we will get a update to the MoF system next patch and many many people already suggested new objectives and area layouts, so maybe we will get a greater variety of objectives with the next patch already.

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