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My personal bit of feedback

I would like you to take into account that as of this moment i’m a lvl 34 spellblade so i can only give feedback up until this point, also english isn’t my native language so forgive me any gramar/spelling errors :slight_smile:
I really like where this game is going, when i saw it on steam i knew this game was for me.
The skill system is the best thing ever. i found d3 skill system to be to simple and bland, while PoE passive system was just to over the top for me.
LE skill system just hits the mark with its complexity and customizability.
My only complain with it would be the lack of unique passives and double passives as of right now, i know that they are subject to change so i’m looking forward to it :smiley:
(for double passive i mean for instance the melee damage passives of the spellblade, there are 2 of the same just beneath each otherwith the difference being one only has 8 points instead of 5)

I like the enemies, they have quite a bit of variety and the way you progressively more challenging opponents feels nice.

The levels feel quite nice, all though i would like a different map for them because it is zoomed in to much and quite difficult sometimes to see where you haven’t been. ( i like to explore all nooks and crannies, it’s written like that right?)

I like the music but the fact that it doesn’t properly loop throws me of. Maybe not all music but when it doesn’t it’s quite notable.

Character movement feels fine to me, it’s a kind of rhythm that feels nice when you get it down.
I would like to have the option though to be able to move with WASD, should be possible since controller can move with one stick.

Looting isn’t too bad but it is tedious to pick up everything one by one (crating mats) so i would suggest either auto pick up like with the gold or a vacuum system that sucks in everything within 3 meter or something.

Crafting is great! the rng is there with the random gear drops and shattering the affixes of them, but the way how you have control over what you put on which item feels really nice.
the only thing i would do is increase the amount of “runes of shattering” you can get from the shop or drops. They are too few i think. This may be my limited game knowledge since i’m only lvl 34 right now so ignore this if it’s not the case.

Keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to future updates :smiley:

Edit: forgot to mention the one thing i would like to see implemented, but i’m pretty sure it’s already being worked on.
The option to change characters without logging out.
I cannot seem to enter my log in details ( invalid password or something, none that i tried work) I just close the game and open in steam (that works but is pretty tedious)

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