My online character disappeared

When I go play online, I get asked to make a new character like if my old one never existed.
How can I fix it?

Theres a bug where they dont show up, but theyre still there.

Restart the game, Steam, your computer and try again

If that doesnt resolve it you probably want to contact support directly to report potential data loss issue.

You can do that here:

Support website is unreachable for me, looks down according to - Is Support Down Right Now?

I can access that link i posted

If you cant, you should check your internet access, restart your router/modem, contact your isp, etc

If you look at the link I posted, you will notice this is not only my problem.

I checked it. Your link reports that the site is returning 403 Forbidden

Thats not the same as unavailable or down. It can access the site, but the support site might be blocking bots.

I guess you could wait for the support site to magically start working for you, but I’d recommend trying those things I suggested. Also, try flushing your dns cache. You might be hitting an old IP or something.

Even assuming the problem is broader than just yourself, what do you lose by trying?

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