My offline character is lost

I’ve created my level ~79 mage Zeddicus many, many months before 0.9 and now the character is lost.
I’ve doublechecked: In the list of characters online + offline my mage is not there anymore.
Only my two attempted online characters (rogue, sentinel lvl1) and my newly created offline characters (rogue lvl 13 playing, sentinel lvl 11).
My Zeddicus was a lightning sorcerer approx around lvl 79.

Thanks for restoring my character, forumname equals accountname.


I have the same issue. Lost one character that was created maybe 2 years ago.

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I’m not sure if they can restore the character because it is actually just an savefile on your computer. I wonder if they actually save offline characters on their server at all because there is no “always on” (only a one time login) to play offline.

You could check if the save file is still available in:
%AppData% → \LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch\Saves

I have the same issue. I bought LE over 3 years ago and my first character was a necro. After this latest .9 patch my necro is now gone. I even looked in the save game directory and out of the 4 save game files that should be there I only see 2, 3 and 4. The save game file associated with 1 is not even present. It appears the patch deleted my save game file?

The more troubling part of this is that support stopped responding to me. I created a ticket and they asked for info which I gave them and then no response since. I really wanted to play my necro after this patch. This is pretty disappointing to say the least. I hope this isn’t foreshadowing what their support will be like going forward.

If that was true they would have no reason to be in the game save folder deleting my save file.

The other shitty thing is that LE save files are not in the typical location within the Windows “documents” directory which I have set to be backed up to the cloud. They are using a different location that I don’t have explicitly backed up.

I wrote you the position (maybe need activate hidden files). Just type in %AppData% in explorer. And then add the folder below or direct to it.

%AppData% → \LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch\Saves

I’m pretty sure they did not delete the files. Mabye they are not compatible anymore with current version if you skipped some versions. Then they should be there. Or you cleaned the pc in any way?

But to be honest: If it is “only” an offline character. Save files are actually nothing else than csv files with some numbers for inventory and all that stuff in it. I’m pretty sure there are “tools” to recreate a character you played. And second: It takes 1-2 days to play a character to 80. So it is not really a big loss. :slight_smile: And with all the changes you may even want to try some other class or play online - im mean its a multiplayer patch and you can not play with offline characters in multiplayer anyways. :slight_smile:

edit: But another thing could also be an issue with steam autocloud. Because this could be the only thing how the “offline files” would be saved also online and maybe deleted somehow.

It’s not hidden. I see my other 3 offline characters. I’m not really interested in multiplayer at this point (maybe when the trading features are added later) but there were a lot of other changes to the game.

I was however interested in continuing to play my necro. It might take you 1 or 2 days to hit 80 but that isn’t my experience and regardless that is beside the point. It isn’t acceptable for a game to have such poor data integrity that items or characters just vanish randomly for whatever reason.

Yes, I can level up another necro but who is to say that one won’t disappear as well? I see other posts in this forum with people losing online and offline characters, stash items, gold etc…There seems to be a data integrity issue going on at EHG.

Sure you are absolutely right. Although I really wonder why the patch should be responsable for the deletion. Where the old characters made before 9.0 too? I have one of my first characters from 2019 still in my game folder. I hope sb can help you. :frowning:

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All of the characters were from before .9. 3 of them are present. The only one missing is my first ever character from when I first purchased the game 3 years ago. I have others that I created from probably 2 years ago as well. Not sure why the necro would be missing now.

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