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My name is profanity and i think its banning me from chatting

My name is profanity and i think its banning me from chatting.
i called my character “shitface” referring to myself, not others, but my name is shown as ***** in the ingame chat and also i constantly get kicked out of the chat without writing anything bad or negative, i am very polite although my name is not, so i cant see the chat. so can you please just rename my character to “MONKEYBOY” or something like that, without deleting anything so i can chat again? i think my name is what causing the bug anyway. thanks

From memory, the account name wouldn’t prevent you from posting, but as you say when you are able to chat it shows it as ****. Chat is, somewhat flakey & that’s probably why you’re getting kicked.

The profanity filter can be turned off in options though I’m not sure if that would then display your name properly.

Edit: also, the character name is only used by the arena ladderboard so that shouldn’t change anything, the account name is used in chat. And since the characters are stored on your pc, I’m not sure that they would be able to change your character name without you sending them the file for them to amend.

i keep losing contact to the chat though? does anyone know how to fix that? also my name is just ****** looks kinda silly, i mean i am not named anything that is offensive to anyone but myself. thanks

Yes, chat does randomly go down on a frequent basis (but not for everyone). I don’t know how to fix it & I’m not aware of any fixes. Maybe it might help if you uploaded your log file for a session where you were disconnected?