My Marksman lost most of her damage when I put a point in sleight of hand

Hi Devs,

I encountered a bug while playing my marksman with Chakram. I placed a point in the shift node sleight of hand, and my damage went down by 90 percent at least. Removing the point and Restarting the game didn’t do anything. I switched to another character, and then back to the marksman, and it returned back to normal. I was able to repeat it by leveling and placing the point back in sleight of hand. the same thing occured, damage was gone. I took the point out, and switched characters, then back to Marksman, and its back to normal again. I will try to leave the point in and switch characters next and see what happens, but it needs to be looked into. Thank you guys!

I just confirmed, I was able to repeat it a third time by placing the point in Sleight of hand. This time I left the point in and changed characters. it did not return my Marksman to normal. I had to remove the point, change characters and go back to my Marksman for it to go back to normal. It may only affect Chakrams but I will let you confirm. Thank you.

Could you post pics of your skill trees and passives? I assume when you say your damage reduced 90% that it was all damage not just chakram?

Did you have any points in the node after chakram that increases Shurikan’s damage based on the number of projectiles it would have had?


Yes it was all my damage from what i could see. I do have the points after Chakram, and the extra Shuriken nodes in Shuriken.

I tried to post pictures but it is not allowing me. Is there another way i can send you the pictures? is what I use.

Here ya go.

Cool, you can also use windows snipping tool rather than having to take pictures of the screen.

Im still on windows 7, i didn’t even think i had snipping tool lol. Thanks for looking at this!

Thanks for the report! We’ve found and fixed the issue internally.

Thats great to hear!! You guys are awesome, love your game!!

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