My Mage does not like The End of Time

I don’t know what it is but my mage and The End of Time but they don’t interact well. It all started when going through the story line and you grab the shard near the big flower and it sends you to The End of Time. During the loading screen to the end of time my game just crashed and auto closed. I opened the game back up selected my Mage and it started loading in to The End of Time but it froze. I tried a bunch more times each time it froze loading my character in to game. Eventually I loaded in i don’t know I guess somehow got lucky. I continued through the story and beat it. Now any time I try to play my Mage because the default spawn is The End of Time I have to end the program via task manager a handful of times just trying to get lucky enough to not freeze while loading in. I would also like to state that all my other characters log in fine no loading issues.

Just want to update that this is still an issue every time I want to play my mage the game freezes while loading and I have to close it with task manager and I have to keep doing this until I get lucky and the game doesn’t freeze while loading this can if I am lucky take 3 tries but generally it takes 5-10

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