My Item Filter Wishlist

I am still on my first week as a new Last Epoch player, but I have 10k+ hours in PoE and I highly customize all my loot filters in that game. Here is my (hopefully) simple wish-list in order of preference:

  1. Size setting. Even small/med/large would be very helpful.
  2. Allow filtering out of Gold based on stack size. I really don’t want to see a pile of 6 Gold on my screen.
  3. Allow filtering of Shards. Mega Extra Credit: In the Filter Editor, include the number of Shards of that type owned (so I don’t need to look that up).
  4. Allow filtering of Runes and Glyphs. Same Extra Credit as above.
  5. Sound setting for drop sound. Hint: Needs to be louder so I don’t accidentally miss something that I want.
  6. For Idols only, allow setting min values for the Affixes.
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