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Lovely game. Diablo 1 was my start to the world of the interwebs and I loved delving into MMO-/ARPGs for PvP and minmaxing. Loved because I haven’t in a long time.

To the point:

  • drops are meaningless. You theorycraft, gamble and build to achieve the most efficient, meanest, fastest, sturdiest killing machine in an ARPG. What doesn’t go well with that? Stopping every 1s to check loot for an upgrade.
    One memorizes base items, names for gear and idols but scanning for that [Highest base item + affix in rare] breaks the flow. One solution is picking up everything and then scanning the stash for pre-/affixes. Uncool.

My recommended solution to such a great game that offers almost unlimited versatile builds: restrict base item lvl to zone lvl. Want a low lvl base item? Farm in a low lvl zone.

Enough for my first post. Cheers,

E: Autoloot crafting mats, pretty please

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We are getting a loot filter in the next patch (0.7.10, probably end of September/early October) which will help.

I’ve been asking for this for a long time, it really sucks to see a T7 affix item drop on the ground, then you remember that the base is lvl 2…

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That was quick! Read about the filter, hope it can read “on item pre-/suffixes” not only from the item name :slight_smile:
Added “E: Auto loot crafting mats, pretty please”.

Yup I can 2nd this. Hope it changes! Meaningful gear is so much more satisfying

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