My initial feedback after 7 hours

I’m playing in the beta event.

  • The “doors” between zones are hard to read and I accidentally go through them without knowing where they go a lot.
  • The crafting menu is confusing. It is hard to know what is a button and what is not.
  • Negative mana is super weird and I’ve found it to be very frustrating
  • Partially revealed maps make it difficult to know where I’ve been
  • The background color of items in my inventory is very dim - it’s hard to know what is a rare/magic etc item.
  • The map and quest system is clunky and confusing. When I open the map in the early game why am I shown all this irrelevant info
  • Clicking on a location or portaling has no animation or visual - it just starts a loading screen. It’s jarring
  • I see debuffs on my screen but what about my buffs?
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Welcome to the LE community.

Most buffs are displayed as well. So I guess it would be valueable to share what kind of buffs you were expecting to see and didn’t show up.

The devs try to not show every single temporary buff that exists, because most of the buffs that you get reliably or that randomly proc and don’t really change how you play or do your rotation are not worth showing anyway.

So specific examples would be very helpful here

That is very interesting, because IMO it is a very cool feature, that makes high mana cost playstyles way more forgiving.
That its “weird” and you need to get used to it is one point.

But what part about it is frustrating exactly?

On other games if you have 3 Mana and try to cast an ability that costs 5 mana you can’t.
In LE you still can cast that ability but you are in negative mana now.

This basically just pivots the point were you are unable to not use ANY skills to 0 mana regardless of how much it costs.

I think the only negative that comes with this system would be the inability to use a very low mana cost defensive/mobility skill for a couple of seconds, because you burned your mana too much into negative, that you ened a couple of seconds until you even can use a very low mana cost defensive/mobility skill.

All the otehr points you talked about are pretty common feedback and I am sure they will improve it.

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