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My impressions; really enjoying the game so far

As the title says, i want to congratulate the devs for the nice work done so far, im having a blast with the game even been in Beta state, the classes, specializations and skills tree sytem are very very good. The story seems pretty original aswell, and its gripping.

I also like the old school grinding mechaninc behind monolith and arena; very well done there.

Of course, there are still some minor issues and changes i would reccomend (asides improving overall performance obviously):

Implementing armour and weapon skins.

Enable skills respec.

Improving the skill bar, so we can have more than 5 skills at once (if that doesnt ruins your planning on builds and its limits, of course).

As you can see, my recommendations are either small, or issues you are already planning to fix, as far as i know.

So, summarizing, big props and congratulations to you guys, very well done so far. Please keep it up, because you are making an amazing game here.

Thank you and cheers!

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