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My Humble Feedback

Hello guys,

I bought the game this weekend and get my spellblade to lvl 25, I know that its not much, but I think I can give some feedback as an old arpg player (started playing this genre in 96):

1 - The first thing that I noticed is that the character graphics seems a little weird. I don’t know if its something with my pc (AMD FX-8320, 8GB RAM ddr3 vengeance, GTX 1060), but my mage model is a little weird, like its blurried or something. I will post a screenshot below.
2 - After playing for a while, my character gets a white bug on his skin, like the screenshot here:
I’m playing with all settings on ultra, and you can see the white character bug, and that the graphics doesnt seem like Im playing on ultra.
3 - Fullscreen mode seems bugged too. When I set the game to fullscreen, when the game launches, it changes the screen resolution from 1920x1080 to 1600x920. I had to change it in settings to another resolution, than set it back to 1920x1080 to apply the correct resolution. But it happens every time you launches the game. Windowed fullscreen seems to save the correct resolution, but it take down the FPS compared to fullscreen.
4 - Like the topic above, there are FPS drops sometimes that really make you get killed.
5 - It would be so great to have our real character displayed in the character selection screen, instead of a generic class charatcer.
6 - My char is using a full helmet, but its showing like a crown :frowning: Will not helmets be displayed correctly?
7 - This is a let down at least for me, we need the option to assign a skill to LMB, or at least attack / walk, like all other ARPGs. Im not saying to remove the possibility to assign just walk like we have now, I know lots of people like that. But it feels like a wasted shortcut, we really need to be able to assign a skill and if we click on the ground we walk, and if we target a monster or object we attack / cast the skill.
8 - FPS drops are a real deal in the current build.
9 - There are some music that feels like old school mid musics, so much digital. I dont know if its possible to make it sounds more analogical or natural, this could improve the game’s immersion.

Well this is for now. I really enjoyed the game’s vision and direction, and really hope to see those things improved in the next builds =)

Best regards.

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