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My Hot Take

I’ll preface by saying that I understand that this is a beta and that some, if not all, of these things may already be in the works. Just putting down things that I immediately noticed in my first few hours of the game. I’m also quite enjoying the beta thus far and think that this game has a lot of potential.

Controller support - better support for controller in the menus/UI would be nice. Never been a fan of the analog stick being a stand-in for the mouse.

Map reset delay - I don’t think the maps should reset the moment you leave them. I think there should be a 10 min delay for something to allow for shop runs back to the hub.

Click to exit - related to the previous suggestion about map reset, I think you should have to click on the exit to actually leave. There have been a couple of times I’ve accidentally left a map simply because I was fighting/exploring to close to the exit. Getting rid of the instant map reset wouldn’t make this a big deal though.

Auto-compare toggle - just an option in the menu to auto-compare when you hover over an item. Related, an option to auto expand skill descriptions.

Map QOL - Just an indication that I’ve been to a non-portal map node would be nice. I like to explore everything. Also, names on the non-portal nodes as well, though this seems like something that is in the works.

Shop QOL - Buyback option for the last X items you’ve sold. For those times you accidentally sell a unique.

Skill QOL - The ability to see a skills specialization tree before unlocking the skill. Makes it easier to plan out a build/what skills you would want to specialize in. Also, this would be a late development thing likely, but a short preview video of the skill for the same aforementioned reasoning.

Buff/Debuff bar - self-explanatory

Inventory Sort QOL - If the sort button could alternate between vertical (left-to-right) and horizontal (top-to-bottom) auto-sort. It’s a minor thing but sometimes that makes a difference.

Resolution - My resolution doesn’t appear to save between logins. It’ll say it’s on 1440p when I log in but it’s clearly much lower. Switching to something else and going back fixes it. The other settings save fine.

Cosmetics - Choosing cosmetics from the hotbar menu opens up the character screen

Wishful Thinking…
DPS Meter - I put this as wishful thinking since it seems that many developers are against putting them in their games. That being said, ARPGs of this style let us behind the scenes to see all the various stats and calculations anyway and eventually someone will release a character planner that will provide offensive and defensive stats that better showcase that information. But rather than that, I would prefer to be able to finish a map, go back to the hub, open a tome or something, and be able to look at my last 5 maps or whatever and see my total dps for that map run (total damage done/time I spent on the map) and then being able to click on a map and see a breakdown per skill/passive (total damage done for that skill/time I spent on the map). Bonus points for a defensive meter (damage mitigation and healing). If not that, a parsable battle log that someone in the community could use to make something with. Training dummies just don’t tell the whole story.

Hey @Xilium, I will say that the vast majority of these suggestions are very much top of mind for our development team right now. Scarily aligned (besides maybe the DPS meter) :smile:

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