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My hopes for this game..........."ARPG GAME DESIGN"

I want to start by saying this game looks promising and I’m impressed by the general look and feel of the game; the skill tree system (reminds me a little of Titan Quest ARPG) and the idea of “shattering stones” to alter items is cool. Also the different eras one can travel to is a great idea. I just hope the loot system is designed properly in that items that are rare are truly rare and “unique” items are hard to obtain. The loot system is the cornerstone of this genre of game and has to be designed to create great satisfaction for gamers. This is where a lot of ARPG games fail; an endless/high drop rate of freely obtainable rare gear diminishes the excitement of adventure, whereas infrequent drop rates increases satisfaction when it occurs. Set items should be next to impossible to complete. I can’t understate how LOOT RARITY creates a sense of value and excitement that most gamers will agree makes playing this type of game so fun and enjoyable. Last Epoch dev team please implement this design…

The next thing I hope to see in Last Epoch is a provocative, driving musical score that intensifies the gaming experience. I guess this boils down to what “mood” the development team wants to achieve; an aesthetic choice that compliments the games story and creates a feeling that drives the game forward. I use Diablo 2 as an example; the musical score was what helped make the game so memorable. The feeling of dread was palpable (exaggerating a bit but you know what I mean) in some of the dungeons because of the musical score; percussive beats, soft torch sounds on the walls, and haunting choir voices accenting the mix. Can you imagine this game with no sound? The game would’ve been lackluster and it would have no emotional impact. Music and sound effects are critical to a game’s success.

Finally the next most important element of ARPG game design is simply the artistic representation of what the game developers want to convey. Generally speaking color values can create a mood/feeling of dread, depression, mystery, elation, happiness, etc. Any color with more darkness or lightness can influence a person’s mood or perception of what they’re viewing. So why even mention this? It’s because I’ve seen some ARPG games use the wrong choice of color values and hues to represent a world that’s supposed to be full of mystery or horror. Dungeon crawling RPGs generally fall into this category. Darkness creates tension, a feeling of foreboding, fear, etc. Lightness creates a feeling of safety, peace, happiness, etc. So what color palette should be used for Last Epoch??

So these are my thoughts on the most important elements of what I hope to see done right in Last Epoch.

Note: I realize there’s lore, game controls, UI, and many other elements that can influence the quality of a game but I’m tired of typing……………maybe I could ponder that on another post…………lol………

You, sir, are spot on about loot.

I would say game controls and UI are way more important than sound and ‘artistic representation’ to me. The loot part sounds good though - not sure if they said they would even do item sets though.

i agree with you, i would like that feeling of satisfaction when you get a super rare item back, most of the arpgs out right now do not satisfy that feeling.

i agree with the loot system, i preferred D2 loot system much more then Poe’s loot system, tons of useless uniques is annoying, i want to feel rewarded when i finally do get a uniqie, or a set piece if those will be in the game.

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There were many “useless” low level or very niche uniques and sets in D2 as well. Unless you can upgrade every unique substantially, there will always be rare drops that don´t create the feeling you describe. Loot in PoE is highly inspired by D2s loot system (as is the game in general). So I don´t see way you see a big difference there.

The team consists of die hard ARPG fans and we all agree that the loot hunt is the most important aspect of any ARPG, including Epoch. Sets will exist but be, in almost all scenarios, less than 4 pieces (usually 2-3) and not build enabling but rather build supporting. And, of course, since we ourselves want a game that we can play for literally thousands of hours, we wont be handing out top tier gear very easily.

@Leroyrobenson is our composer and is waiting until the levels, including post processing and mood, are set in stone to dig in to the OST. Rob, more music track social posts for our Travelers, soon?

Thank you for your thoughts, I can tell you sir are a true ARPGer :smiley:


Hi there, Composer here. I know that the sfx are going to be ramping up in beta and we are going for a full immersive aesthetic for the sound effects. As for the music, I plan to do exactly what you are asking for. I am not Matt Uelmen but I have listened to and studied the Diablo 2 (amongst a host of others) score. Our game isn’t going to have the ‘diablo 2’ ost. But I will make sure that we have a fitting soundtrack that lends itself to our game. The direction diablo 2 went worked for it. The direction I’m going with the OST is going to work for us in a similar fashion. The tracks that are in right now are a bit placeholder. As the game develops and finds its aesthetic footing, I’ll be able to write more powerful tracks to go along with the story and mood. The more that is done, the easier it will be for me to write. Chapter 1 is about ready for a ‘track’ makeover so stay tuned to our social media for updates.


I totally agree fully with this post. Especially about loot rarity.

If i may add one of my own hopes for this game, there is but one (considering that there is already alot of other great things in the game)

I hope that this wont evolve into yet another ARPG with a speed meta.

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110% agree on the loot!!

I agree in part with the loot system, but I feel like they are all set in that regard, especially when it comes to non-unique items. As it is now, you find a good base item, which have WIDE ranges of stats and qualities, then you upgrade it–your goal is going to be 4x T5s, but each upgrade is going to raise your fracture chance. So far in my very limited trials, I can usually hit one T5, but then after, it’s basically going to fracture. It will take a lot of trial and effort to make a “perfect” item–and that’s just one item.
I especially love that this game didn’t fall into the trope of having to identify items. It’s a 100% time waster and makes people ignore items more than anything–having the markers showing how many prefix/suffix it has is a GREAT option too. I love it :slight_smile:

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