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My god ,the downloading is allways stalled. so slowly

stalled…again and again

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I had this too, but always when patching a previous version, even with the latest patch, it took me 4 hours to complete (edit: I think it didn’t stall but had terrible download speeds and the reason it took so long was because of “packaging” or whatever it was doing). When the last big patch hit, it would have taken me over 3 days, when I deleted all folders and started from scratch it was done in under an hour. But I remember you from yesterday I think, where you didn’t have a download link, so I guess it’s a fresh start for you.
You can check your connection with this link:
May I ask where you’re from? I’m from germany and apparently there is a known issue with the server that is located closest to me and terrible download speeds. That’s all I got from my own experience. Hope it will be sorted out for you (and well, actually me too with the next patch).

You sure it stalled and it not doing stuff on your hard drive etc?

In any case the next patch will be beta so just link Last Epoch account to steam and download via steam instead. Likely to be far less download server problems then and if there is any it easy to switch servers.

Let me answer this for him, yes, it even says stalling when downloading. And he paid 50 bucks most recently to play the alpha, instead of waiting 2 weeks to only pay 35 and play the beta, so hopefully he doesn’t have to wait that long. I think it’s great that he did it btw, to give these guys more support, and I kinda feel bad for him. And I had/have this issue as well.

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