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My gear vanished after reloging!

Help Please,
I had -300 Resistance after I’ve finished the Arena for the first time Where I died 1 shot so I started to looking why.
Then I took all my gear off me to see if it was my gear problem or I don’t know
When I took everything out I still had -300 Resistance.
So I reequipped all my gear and click Leave game, then I went back in to find out My Belt + 2 my rings and my amulet and chestpiece are all gone. !
That is after I sold my Legendary weapon to the shop 10 minutes before with no Buyback option available which wasn’t my fault cause I was pressing Shift+right click on a 1 handed mace and instead of selling it I replaced my weapon with it which then I assumed was sold and I click on an Item next to it which I missed and removed my own weapon LEGENDARY Weapon !.

Please Help I can provide pictures for everything! , " They are on discord channel "

I can’t kill any mob now :frowning:

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