My Forge Guard still can't progress

I’m constantly stuck on The Black sun “The Fall of Ledria.”

Problem: The map effectively freezes in all proper functions. This results in the following:

  • Enemies stop moving;
  • Enemies move but deal no damage;
  • Enemies do not collide with character;
  • Skills stop working
  • Enemies that are supposed to spawn no longer do so.

I have the same problem on my void knight. I am also using the hammer throw skill. With other characters i have no problems.

I also have this problem, when i just spam hammer throw in monolith of fate. I dont even need to start an echo for triggering the problem.

omg thank you so much. It’s a Hammer Throw problem! I quick speced into javelin and I was able to get through the mission with no issues. The 2nd timeline mission does not have any problems with Hammer Throw, it should be good now.

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