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My Forge Guard is garbage. Any suggestions?

By starting a Forge guard (link above) i simply wanted to have a sword and board tanky character. I have 8 other characters that all happened to reach a certain power level (from my amateur perspective) but this one not only not deals any damage, but also is squishy despite having a lot of armor and block. I couldnt manage building high HP, tired of crafting stuff.

Weird thing is, i first tried to go ignite, and no matter how much i stacked chance and damage over time, ignite dealt no damage. Then i went for Crit, its better but still crap.

Do you have any suggestions?

EDIT: Also what the hell is wrong with Shield Bash skill? It doesnt deal any damage whatsoever and it has 10 second cooldown, 12 with 2 charges, really? What am i supposed to do with this skill?

Just a few things that I am noticing right out of the gate:

  • Your two main defenses, are both “hit based defenses”.
    Block and Armour only work against hits.
    You are not tanky against anything, that is DoT based. (Which is super bad if you want to facetank enemeis that apply dozens of ailment stacks)

  • You have very low maximum health with 60% endurance, but barely any endurance threshold (only 1/4 if your HP)

You are sword and board, but did not utilize soem of the strongest Passives in FG for that playstyle.
Rallying Block (only 5/8)
Battle Hardened (0/10)

I think redistributing some points from passives, that give flat armour or block effectiveness into those points would lead to overall more armour.

  • You should definitely work on increasing your maximum health.

  • You did not utilize some of the largest sources of Health with % inc. Health and Hybrid Health Affixes (On Helmet, Body Armour, Belt, Boots and Gloves)

  • There are also a few more passives that give good health and other defensive properties, like Guardian, Valor (Paladin Passive tree) and Abyssal Endurance (VK Passive Tree)

For the damage department, you play with a cooldown gated skill plus a very defensive spammable skill.
You might want to considerd removing Forge Strike cooldown entirely in the skill spec tree to increase your dps tremendously.
If mana becomes an issue, you need to use the “mana gained on vengeance affix” on the body armour.

Alternatively you could use Rive or Multistrike, since their damage is vastly superior.

Especially with your armourscaling Multistrike will outperform Vengeance by a long stretch.
Multistrike has a node, that makes it’s damage scale with your armour (up to 3000).
On top fo that multistrike has better crit scaling, due to having a base crit node in the skill spec tree.
It also has better inherent AoE, if you wanna stick with Forge Strike as a cooldown skill, you will have vastly better AOE between FS cooldowns


  • Redistribute Armour/Block Effectiveness Passives into Rallying Block/Battle Hardned and Health Passive
  • Increase your maximum health (especially with the “big” health affixes on Helmet, Body, Belt, Boots, Gloves)
  • Use FS as non-cooldown for increased dps
  • Think about using Multistrike for better sustained dmg scaling

Shield Bash is a guarnateed stun, this alone makes it ridiculous defensively, on top of that you can give it block and offensive buff properties.

It’s not meant to be a dmg skill.