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My first impressions

Hey some good and bad feedback.
I think the progression in this game is excellent, i find myself chasing level ups on skills and passives and planning ahead like i did years ago in Diablo 2. Well done.

The gameplay however is a bit of a one shot fest, it gets stale insta gibbing everything. The game dosent get challenging in a good way either, once again one shot by overwhelming damage spikes at some point.

First, Welcome!

Second, I hope your still playing and are learning the game more! Last Epoch does have a learning curve to it, although its not very steep. Soon you will learn what’s 1 shoting you, either how to avoid it or how to build defense against it. Damage spikes are definitely felt in this game especially during the campaign because as you go from chapter to chapter sometimes the element of attack from mobs completely changes. for instance you may have maxed out your fire resist early in chapter 7 to take on the osprix and ignored cold damage but then you run into ice bats in the ice cavern and boom, down for the count.
This game is starting to do a very good job of making the player learn mechanics and not just face take especially through the campaign, which makes it much more immersive and challenging.
There is of course some balancing still needed in areas.
I died ALOT when I first started playing.

Without more specific details of where you were having problems I cant give much more feedback, but hope your still playing, enjoying, and learning!