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My feedback thus far

I only have two bits of criticism thus far for Last Epoch: Audio and story/zone cohesion. Understandably, these may improve for launch (or already have been improved but not in the beta version). Regardless, my feedback…

Simply put, its really bad. The audio for many of the attacks, hit sounds, spell sounds, monster sounds when they die all sound really bad. They sound like the game is from the early 2000s. In addition, a lot of sound is cut out in certain situations. If you have the music playing, a lot of times (most of the time) I have noticed that the ability audio and hit reg audio is non existant or cuts in and out. Its like the game has limits to how many different sources of audio can fire off simultaneously.

Story/Zone cohesion:
I found myself just plowing through zone after zone, map after map without a care in the world, without a purpose… I just followed the arrow icon on the minimap and kept trucking along. And you would do this for 4/5/7 areas at a time or more before you kick off the next part of the quest. I felt sometimes “lost” (not in a directional sense) but just lost in a void of seemingly pointless zones. I think they could definitely reduce the number of zones (or areas are they called) and but increase the size of the existing ones. This way, maybe I wont feel like Im just wondering aimlessly going into obligatory zone after obligatory zone, filler zone after filler zone. Maybe each zone has more of a purpose to it than just “being there”.

Aside from that, the game is a welcome surprise. I have maybe 2k hours in D3, probably close to as much in POE. Love(d) both games, still play POE every other league. But I think Last Epoch has the chance to rise above both with the skill system (which I DO have a slight issue with but not sure I want to provide feedback on it yet). The idea of traveling through time is really cool. Just be careful not to simply throw the phrase “time travel” on it to mask the reality of the zones just being different maps like POE.

Good stuff though, enjoying it.

I agree with both the points you brought up. But again I’m not too worried. I see both as just another early beta thing. The devs are trying to do a lot to give a sense of their vision but given the limited time (note it just 8-9 months since start of alpha), a lot of the systems are not fully fleshed our.

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