My feedback for the devs on everthing i have encounter ingame ! (long?)

First, my english is average & small desciption on meself as a type of players !

I’m between casual & harcore player, i play between 2 & 8h a days depending on my time, work & kids ! Played D1-D2-D3-D4, Titan quest, grim dawn, Wolcen, Path of Exile, Torchlight 1&2, probably more i forget right now !

Now before i start i precise, is only my feeling & if devs have a other vision of feeling, they can ignore everthing, i just wanted pointed out, how my experience was !

I liked the story & how the monolith was comming out for the endgame, even i found some zone completly not utilized and era a little sad, but i think that show all posibility left to add quest or thing on the map/era, and i want a days find out apophis !

I love all the different map - monster - atmosphere on the game, probably the Arpg for me !

I really love the different class type & subclass, many different gameplay i want to try in the futur !

The music is good overall, i would have like some more epic song sometime, they feels rather discret to me !

I started as a necro with Skels-Mage-Golem-Dread shade-Rip Blood.

Was playing CoF, was specialized in a frost build for all my pet & low life - Ward, not used any bug so my wards was going up between 3200 who can up to 6000 in fight if i can standing somewhere more than 1sec !

I have up corruption up to 330 and could not kill anymore orobyss with this chars !
After corruption 250, i was feeling my necro was almost 1 shoot per everthing on the map, and my pet dying standing in boss aoe frustrating ! i know my defense was not perfect but mind you, it’s impossible to find aynthing usefull with the stats i want on the item i want, from lvl 1 to 100 corruption 0 to 330, i have found only 1 item with 3 or 4 stats i wanted ! When a boss die on 300 corruption and drop over 30 item and not a single purple it’s just a depressive time to me ! Cof was not really helpfull at all, many item but almost all useless to my build, bonus 9 has killed my envy to play CoF since i stop play my necro at lvl 8,7 lvl in COF since i was making not progress anymore !

So i have reroll a Falconer with Smoke bomb-Falconery-Dive bomb-Aerial assault-Net

My Falconer is playing around dodge-Caltrops-bleeding.

This time i have choice to level the market guild for this chars !

I have up to 370 corruption before i started to have no fun ! same as necro my build don’t have perfect stats, but i started too get one shoot very often & age of winter boss make me crazy at this level of corruption, around 30 try to kill him in average !

The market guild was feeling good at start for find some good item in yellow, or 3 stats i want with one level 6 skills, so at start that feels better than CoF for equiping me, and have go to level 10 in the market guild !

Now i have sell some item, and have got around 35 million gold, i don’t sold any key, not have buy gold from gold seller, when i got to market to look to good upgrade but not perfect i seen price go from 50 millions to 1billion more, and most of item i wanted for my build was impossible to find with 3 stats i wanted or 4… making again any progress, impossible in short term - mid term, with 35 million for 2 weeks played it’s so much to get these item before month or even years for me, all these price look crazy, i cannot even imagine for the casual.

Now that said i really enjoyed the game before hit the wall 2 times.

Now my big problem with the game in different area !

If season is planned 3 month, that will ask so much effort to get all thing set up to a good build, and probably prefere play shorted Arpg with season, i actually enjoy play 3 week in D4 and get all my bis item (withtout uber unique) and move to a other game and come back next season, any things who take more than 1 month for a seaon will just burn me out & as you can see i’m burned out now after 1 mont & 2 chars and want a new game until new big patch or season.

Cof, need a way to control a little what droping, maybe add some profecies where you can hunt some skills or stats ? maybe since there so many affix it’s not possible. but could add more lens slot where you can put 1 affix 1 suffix who would drop more likely on the purple profecies item !

MG, need a limite time before item go out of the market, need more filter to find what you want, it’s a hell to look for a legendary who have 800 page of item…

No idea for the price problem, but it’s probably because of the gold seller ?

I’m in philippines, the server the closest is in East Asia even Philppines is in South-East Asia, i can play morning fine, 30 to 80 ms, afternoon, i can play sometime, 70 to 120ms, and evening it’s just yellow & hard red ms unplayable.

So many boss have telegraphed askill who one shoot where you need ninja skills or perfect internet condition.

And for people who will argue i can play online, i have pay the game 100% and i want to play with my friends too, aswell use all function of the game like the MG !

You need to adds a way to skip the story for who don’t like, i’m fine the way is it, but some of my friend is totally against redo the story more than a few few times !

I hope one days maybe with a DLC or expansion pack the crafting will be enhanced, i find while leveling very usefull. but engame kinda meh before of low forging potential maybe.

The dungeons die 1 time and redo all, is horrible i not touched them outside julra after when i was forced to go. that easy the worst experience in all last epoch for me, and out of my 4 friends none enjoyed it.

In all ways, i got fun from the game & wish you all good luck ! & i hope to come back in the futur for more fun !

Thanks for all in the teams for the good game you have done & sorry i have sound a little over critics but after being dead so many time today in the bad ms and insta kill on the age of winter boss !