My feedback after my very first full campaign playthrough

I’m sure most of this has been covered in other posts so I hope changes get included in 1.0
Please note I really enjoyed the game and have already started a second play-through. I haven’t played much endgame and like all games I am sure given enough time I would learn things better…this feedback is based on a new player picking up the game and having a first run through. I want this game to be great and grow a huge player base so I’m basing this feedback around the moments in my first play-through that were edging me towards not liking the game…but I’m sticking with it as I understand I am playing an early release copy.

In no specific order of importance:

Letterbox/widescreen doesn’t work if windowed.
I like to set the window to a manual widescreen ratio so I can have an area for build guides etc readable below the game window on the same monitor, it also lets me see more of the screen area, I do this in all ARPGs. In last epoch this doesn’t scale the inventory mouse over ‘hit box’ so I cant select anything to the right of the inventory and have to go back to full-screen just to interact with items.
Please fix window scaling for popup windows in game.

Am I dead?
My golem lets out a huge death groan, then animates collapsing to the floor, I know its dead. When I die, I spend seconds thinking ‘why cant I move? am I dead?’, no sound, my health pool is still draining even though nothing I do will change that, and then when it gets to 0 I get a popup saying I died. So the game knows I’m dead long before I do. It just feels like playing a lagged game waiting to find out if I am dead or not.
Please add an immediate on death animation and sound, or like a louder heartbeat and screen fade to tell me I’m about to be toast.

Quest tracking.
I cant track quests, and they are not named the same as the region they are in, they are also not listed in the same order on the front screen as they are in the map screen. So in the overlay or corner map I have all these indicators but no ability to tell which one is which other than a slightly different colour for side-quest vs main quest. If you are close to a door that icon goes away, so you have to backtrack from the door to find is it a main quest or side quest.
Please add quest tracking, allow ‘sort by region’ on both screens, don’t disappear the icon close to the door.

Region changing.
with nothing happening during an area transition I sometimes wonder if im lagged out, I try and move and then when the new area loads I accidentally walk back to the old area. Sometimes it felt like I didn’t have to click on a transition area to trigger it, sometime it did.
Make the player disappear on clicking a portal or area transition, tone down the white glow on transition areas when you’ve loaded into a new area or at least start the player a bit more away from the door.

I have no clue about any of the eras or regions.
I’m a lore/voice skipper, that combined with all maps being similar, I have no clue about the order of the campaign. I only know the ‘acts’ from reading a play-through guide. I can tell you all about the acts and regions in POE and Ive only played that campaign twice, same for grim dawn and diablo games, the last epoch campaign was enjoyable but the map makes no sense to me at all it just seems like it needs something clearer to tell me that I’m now in a different era or act of the campaign like a timeline or something, I don’t know what the answer to this is, it just felt weird.

The game is floaty.
I’m going to guess this is a footstep or environment sound issue, but it just feels like Im smoothly floating through the maps at a consistent speed and not touching the floor.

Where do I go for things?
It didn’t seem obvious to me during the campaign in which region I would find a crafting anvil. Same for picking a town or camp that would contain ‘all the things’

Friendliest Necro ever.
In the loading/character select screen my necro is smiling at me through my current armor, it practically looks like dora the explorers face, its the least necro looking necro Ive ever seen.

Maybe its too easy.
Yes my class/build may need a balance but early game I got a few minion specific items then never changed them until just before the final campaign boss. To me it felt like all my power came from skills an nothing from my items, I am sure in endgame that will be much different, but it lessened that dopamine feeling of finding a good item(s) during first play-though.
It could do with a harder softcore mode. If I have to play through the campaign each time without a powerlevel then I think it could do with better challenges.

No open areas.
the maps seemed the same as they all felt like linear corridors. That combined with having enemies spawn or land in front of you too often just made me think ‘why do I have to walk through all these areas then? just have me play tower defense or a single room gauntlet’. It was much more enjoyable walking into a densely populated area and trying to mow them down or barge my way through. Maybe this related to my ‘too easy’ comment but it would be nice to have some wide open populated areas or more mazey areas.

All in all I really enjoy the game and I am looking forward to playing it on launch day (I think its at 6am on a workday for me being in NZ). I agree with the many comments of others that the crafting process is a really well done idea. I really like the skill trees and I am excited about trying other classes.

If I’m luck then these issues will already have been resolved in the 1.0 build, or I will eventually learn a different play-style to adjust to it all, like I said above, this isn’t about me being right or wrong, I’m not looking for feedback, it is just thoughts I had on my first time that I hope other new players don’t have to experience.

That’s not going to help. But if you hit Esc it’ll tell you which chapter you’re in, for what it’s worth.

You start at the beginning and mutder mobs until you get to the end with various things you need to click through in-between.

It’s a game about time travel, you’re going back & forth, it’s not linear like those other games. There is a map & it does have the eras at the top plus the quests on the side which should take you to the zone if you double click on them but that often doesn’t work.

Have you tried hitting the F key?

The end of time is best for that. It’s where you appear when you login after reaching it.

You could imagine it’s a grimace if you want it to be sufficiently edgy/goth/emo. It’s not exactly a nice smile…

It is, the ease of the campaign is a frequent complaint.

You should like 1.0.

Thanks for the tips! played through the campaign again as runemaster, really enjoyed the manual casting of runs to make spells…probably first arpg ive played where I felt like I was actually casting spells. I built too much power into the turrets and just like the necro on my first play through it felt like I wasnt the thing fighting the enemies so for third playthrough I switched to rogue marskman…enjoyed that a lot more.

Thinking back to some points I made above

the ‘floaty’ sensation, I realise now is due to all players being passive, as if this was diablo3 and every player gets illusory boots by default…I’m never being blocked in by mobs and can just walk through any enemy. Dont know if thats a good or bad thing at the end of the day but at least now I realise why it felt different.

Still not a fan of the death delay.

I relaise why region changing was messing me up because sometimes you load into a region with your player facing back towards the way you came, sometimes you dont…I learned to stop and wait before moving to thing about which way I should be facing…hopefully that gets fixed on release.

Eventually also noticed the loading screen tip about pressing F for crafting. As you have to look for the armor icon for the shop, and the chest icon for your stash etc, I had just assumed like all other games that the anvil icon was where you went for crafting…now I realise it serves no purpose other than to supply that confusion if you are used to arpgs being that way, unless there is some use for it I havent figured out.

my thought on the campaign being too easy still stands, but now i realise I can go to the monoliths way earlier than the end of the campaign, or try and play through dungeons if I want something harder so thats not too bad any more.

So im making progress learning the game…but…I will still say…that I more than hate the map screen. I get that the epochs and eras show you moving back and forth in time, but the terrible quest tracking that doesnt tell you which region its in means I have to look for the icons…sometimes I can click on a quest on the left of the map screen and it will focus on that area, sometimes that doesnt work…need the burning pier? well I can see from the icon which era it is in but it doesnt focus to that one, and the map is wider than the screen, so im zooming in and out looking for something that takes me ages to find…I seriously dislike this map. Id rather it was broken down into tabs or smaller maps or something within each era, so I could see everything at once. Again…hopefully the auto focusing gets fixed on release but even with that, Im glad when the campaign is over so I dont have to interact with that screen much more.

after three playthroughs and skipping all dialogue, all I know about the story is that some of the areas are full of enemies doing this for some guy named Ryan as they all seem to shout that its for him…but I dont care at all, Im enjoying the game more than enough without knowing the lore…its more than worth the money I paid for it.

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