My entire stash got deleted with the new update

My entire stash got wiped with the new update
8 pages of uniques… 1 with keys… 11 exalted tabs… 6 idol tabs
and 3 build specific tabs

In multiplayer.

the tabs are there but there are no items.

Been playing whenever i have had freetime for the past weeks after multiplayer released… so i have put considerable time on this game.

I was gaming when the update came and went to my stash after a mono… that i played coop with a friend. The stash was empty so i shut down the game and saw an update downloading. then restarted and it was still empty.

I have over 1.600 hours clocked on steam in the game…

Player.log (33.9 KB)
Player-prev.log (43.6 KB)

Update… I left the game on for some minutes while doing other stuff and it came back, even if it didnt come back on restarting the game multiple times… So its all good!
Its back!

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