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My character just dissapeared of my characters screen

My game crashed yesterday so i had to atl+f4 while loading screen, and now my character just not appear, any solution ? i have the characterslot files, but the game doesnt seem to recognize them

Hey there… Welcome to the forums…

When the game crashes or you Alt-f4 while its accessing the savegames / stash files the files can become corrupted and the game may not be able to open the savegame again…

If the files are totally corrupted then there isnt much that can be done as all the files are local to your machine - EHG doesnt have copies of them.

The _temp versions of the file are the previously saved version… You may be able to swap the temp with the active one (renaming the files obviously)… this assumes that the temp are still ok…

If you are using Steam Cloud saves, it can also sometimes mess up - especially if the game didnt close properly - and then Steam will override the good version of the file with a corrupted one… If you do use steam cloud, you may try and login with your Steam account on the steam website (not the steam app) and see if there are any savegames stored in the remote store that might still work…

Side note: Doesnt help you now, but I backup all my savegames etc before playing any Early Access or Beta game - just in case… worst I can lose is a single playsession of progress…

Security concerns aside, does that even still work considering how many updates the game has had since the program was last updated?

If it’s copying from the registry, #### no!

Though it was updated 5 months ago.

Confirmed, new Rogue ability… Stealth.

The last time was already a few months ago, that we have transferred the tfiles on a trial basis to other computers (import). I just continue to use the export.

Otherwise, this is a recurring topic (every few months).

The registry entries as well as the “Epoch_Local_Global_Data_Beta -file” can also be saved manually. Or you can write a batch yourself.

(A bored professional could have a look at the small file from Zaphiel once…)

Translated with (free version)

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