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My Beta Feedback - Bugs and Suggestions


first of all, I’d like to say that I’m enjoying the Beta a lot! The game has made great progress and it really starts coming together. The gameplay is fun, skills are interesting and the progression system allows for a lot of character customization. I like the visual variety of the epochs and areas, time travel quests and the interesting monster design (regarding both visuals and their skills).

Now for my remarks:

  • Each time I start the game, the resolution is reset to some low res. In the options my chosen resolution is still selected (3440x1440), but I have to switch back and forth to activate it again.
  • Targeting with the mouse is in many situations distorted by elevated objects that are visual obstacles or visually in the proximity of the location/enemy I’m trying to target. This leads to spells flying to a wall or pillar instead of the enemy I was actually intending to target. In other occasions, chests are hard or impossible to open. E.g. the stash chest in the council chambers: I can only access it by zooming in a bit and then walking to it with hold LMB to move.
  • While we’re talking about hold LMB to move: In my opinion it shouldn’t be possible to interact with NPCs or enter portals or doors (with loading screens) when walking past them with hold LMB to move. Those interactions should always require a dedicated click, otherwise they often happen accidentally (especially with large doors). Now I imagine this one to be subject to preference, so maybe you could add an option to toggle this behaviour?
  • The overlay map is way too zoomed in. When switching from minimap to overlay map, I’d usually like to get an overview of the whole area and where I have and haven’t been yet. Currently it’s pretty tedious to move around the overlay map with the arrow keys to get an overview. Please give us the possibility to zoom out so that we can see the whole current area or at least a big portion of it.
  • Last is probably my biggest gripe currently: Each time I just hop through a portal for a minute to sell stuff and when I come back all enemies are respawned and the map exploration is reset and even items on the ground are gone. I don’t have a problem with the fact that these things happen, but think it should follow the practice of other ARPGs where areas either reset on creating a new game or when some time has passed after leaving the map (like in PoE, around 15 minutes).

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