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My Ancient Gladiator Pet (Juvenille Skullen) is missing


I have a problem with the pet from the Ancient Gladiator supporter pack”.
When I go in the cosmetic page, the Juvenille Skullen from the from the Ancient Gladiator pack is lock.

I hope you can help me with this :slight_smile:
Ty for your good work.



New player here.
Same problem.

Edit: Fixed in 0.8b

Same Problem

Pets are not implemented yet. If they are, that’s news to me

Should be available, according to MTX Not Yet Available - Last Epoch Support Hub (

Fixed for me in 0.8b.
Try updating the game and check again @Nananatha @gigi8619

Hhank you very much :slight_smile:

I want to say I have same problem, I purchased game two days ago on steam, in store page it says I should get cosmetic pet but when I enter my cosmetic I got nothing all pets are marked as not owned.
I uploaded photo I created in game
I dont know am I doing something wrong or my content is missing. Im very new to all this, as I mentioned earlier I bought a game two days ago.
Thx for any help regarding this. :slight_smile:

It was fixed with patch 0.8b, but that was short lived as patch 0.8b was rolled back while they perform additional QA for it.
Because of that, the fix for this issue is no longer in place.
We need to wait for them to re-deploy 0.8b for it to be fixed.
I wouldn’t worry too much about it, as it was already fixed. The patch just needs to be re-deployed when other issues with that patch are sorted out.

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