My abomination explodes + crit avoidance question

Hello guys,

I am currently playing mono pet necromancer with a permanent abomination and so far it has been a cruise. The pet is tanky, one shot everything and destroys bosses, I am really enjoying it.

My only problem is that sometime during monolyth quest echoes (the one you unlock after you reach a certain milestone) my pet suddently explode. I am raising corruption in empowered echoes right now and it makes boss farming a little more challenging;).

I especialy noticed that my abomination explodes when there is a scripted appearance of mobs (such as the second quest echoes of the fall of the outcast monolyth). I am pretty sure this is what kill my abo as usually it never dies and that its health goes from 90-100 to 0 after a short freeze.
Does it happen to all the pets? If so, any solution to prevent this outcome?

Additionnaly a quick question for the veteran: how big is the diffrence between corruption 100+ and corruption 200+ in term of difficulty? Is crit avoidance absolutely needed for later stage of corruption or does a high enough ward level can make the job?

Best regards,

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