Must Haves For Crit Bow Build?

I know Flight of the First is a must have, anything else other than generic crit multiplier gear? Right now, with Bow Master, I have 90% attack speed, 83% crit, and 200% multiplier at level 70.

Zeurial’s Hunt

(the channelled skill has a snapshot,
which can take effect such as “next attack” and “duration” until stop channelling)

Why is Flight of the First a must have?
We have a new hybrid crit affix.

It’s got the highest base crit rate, doesn’t it? I have 83% crit with it, 25% with any of the non-base crit bows.

Do I need to be using Detonating Arrow for that? Because I’m using Flurry w/ Multishot ATM.

You can craft a t6/t7 hybrid crit affix on Dreadthorn Bow and will reach the same or higher base crit chance than Flight of the First.
You could craft it on FotF but you need to find it with LP first.
For Detonating Arrow it makes more sense to go with a Dreadthorn because you can add another Flat dmg source+seal on prefix and strong suffixes like chill/slow.
12-13% base crit was always enough for me to deal perma crits with enough crit chance on gear+full crit vuln debuff.
For Zeurials Hunt you need 2 lightning skills for the buff, yes.
We dont have alot of lightning skills on Rogue yet.