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I’ve noticed that the game pulls from a rather limited selection of music and I think some more tracks that really capture the theme of each zone/map could work to make the game-playing experience more immersive. There are several zones that give off vibes that sort of clash with the music that has been chosen for it. I produce music (mostly electronic/EDM) and I’ve created a few soundtracks that were used by various YouTuber’s as background music for their videos. I think I could produce some material for this game that may be worthy of consideration and I have some demos that I could send over. I’m not sure which channels I should go through or who to contact regarding this proposition so I’m just posting this as a thread here on the LE forum. I’m not including any links because I don’t want this to seem like self-promotion, I’m just wondering if the devs would be interested in something like that.

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Please do, I find the music boring and monotonous at the moment. There is so much potential for giving a sense of wonder and dread.

Your best bet is to contact [email protected], they may not be looking for additional composers at this time however.

Agreed. It’s not bad but it could fit better. The Rambo trumpet theme in first area comes to mind.

I’ve been listening to Conan the Barbarian recently too. Great stuff! Crom!

Further, perhaps a dark atmospheric soundtrack would work too… something like some Jesper Kyd stuff.

1812 overture from the end of nigh slaps! :slight_smile:

I was personally feeling similar that the music and sound design for the game didnt quite capture the emmensity of what you were doing.

So many zones there is some kind of soft melancholic tone which especially when fighting hordes of monsters really pulls me out of it. The biggest area i find there is a disconnect with the music and the actions on screen is the frozen areas. There are giant rhino elephants charging ice shots all over the place but just this sad melancholic tune being played in the background.

Dont get me wrong though, The music as one off pieces are wonderful. They are enjoyable and i like listening to them but when theres action and tons of it, it just doesnt feel like it fits. Other sound effects and impact hits also could use some work to really convey whats going on and make me feel like BOOM i just hit something with a bolt of lightning or WHACK i just smashed things with an axe. With the lack of proper reactionary feedback to hitting enemies and strong sound effects, the enemies feel like paper cutouts.


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