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Music Showcase - Desert Waystation

Hey Travelers,

Today we would like to present one of the key components which helps us to bring the game environment to life - Music. We are lucky to have the opportunity to work with talented composers and sound artists on Last Epoch. One of whom is Wesley, a composer from the United States. Here are few words directly from him about his creation :slight_smile:

Desert Waystation Music

Hello to all our Last Epoch lovers! My name is Wesley Freeland and I’m one of the composers for the game. Along with the release of the music written for Desert Waystation I thought I’d share a couple thoughts for those interested on the musical choices I made to achieve the tone for this zone. This zone is in Chapter 7 so slight spoiler alert if you haven’t finished the campaign and want to continue reading.

Desert Waystation is the first zone in Chapter 7, a zone where we travel gradually toward the Immortal Emperor’s Fortress. I wanted to achieve a tone that captured the eeriness of a land filled with undead soldiers, crumbling architecture, and twisted enemies. I also wanted to capture a sadness to it. The imperial era is a place that has devolved from happier, better times before it. Since this is the first zone in the chapter I sought to remind people of that, so while the low piano notes and dissonant strings at the beginning invite the listener to feel the dark energy of the zone, the far away violin and strings invites reflection and a sense of something lost.

That is my hope anyway. If you’d like longer write-ups as we post tracks in the future please let me know! As always thank you to the community for your love of this game. We continue to write new music as well as revisit existing music to make sure we are communicating the story of Last Epoch through music and emotion.


I am a simple man.

I hear music, i click :heart:

It’s an interesting song, and i love the atmosphere it brings. I love it ! I think it translates well your intentions. Keep up the good work.

Wow I think this might fot very well. Looking forward how it will feel in the game.

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