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Multistrike single target Smite proc

Im trying to play multistrike with the smite proc.
Smite doesnt proc on single target though, which would be a pain on bosses. I asked in chat and it was mentioned there was a way to have it proc on single target, but i just cant find it on any node.

Does anyone know?

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There is no “intended way”, Smite replaces the “additional swords” mechanic of Multistrike, which does not affect targets hit by the initial strike.

The only way to trigger additional swords on a specific target is to MISS the target with the initial hit, when you have stacks of Armament.

I could see a node behind the current smite node being implemented, which also casts one smite on the initial target, but weakens the initial hit itself.

Ive read about the missing, but that just takes the fun out of it for me.

Thing is, if i specc for smite, (Spell and attunment) my melee will hit like a wet noodle…
I guess i will wait for a new patch. As it is it just wont work sadly. Ive seen so many complaints about this now, im sure a solution will be given in the future :).

For single target I use to manually cast smite, which is very effective when you have double cast chance. So there isn’t really an issue unless you don’t want to have smite on your action bar.


Yes thats why i said it’s probably “unintended”

That’s not true at all, attribute scaling is just a fraction of your damage scaling.

If you using a Scepter most of your damage is already decent on both the spell and melee portion.

If you can hit the initial target with smite with a node, that node definitely needs some downside, because otherwise it will be OP.

MS already does decent singletarget dmg, not as much as other similar skills, but still pretty good.

Scaling the melee and spell portion simultaneously is not that hard.

Yeah, if you use a sceptre (up to 65 adaptive spell damage) & a shield then you can take the Heavenfire node as any Sentinel mastery for an additional 30 adaptive spell damage (total 95, max on an Oracle staff is 100) while Paladins can get an additional +16 for a total of 111 (max on a Sorcery staff is 120) which should be pretty compettitive as a hybrid, on paper at least.

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I strongly disagree. When you go Smite with a Paladin you go for fire and spelldamage. MS has only synergies with physical so you don’t scale MS damage. MS hits like a wet noodle, literally.

There’s nothing OP by just adding a smite proc to the initial hit.

When you “just” use it, maybe.

But when this interaction would be possible, you can make it compeltely broken.

Having 2 skills with good singletarget hitting at once, while you only need to scale one of their attack rate stats (in this case attack speed), will lead to some ridiculous singletarget damage if you build around it.

You can put any elemental melee damage on your weapon and scale tons of this elemental damage (most likely fire or lighting, depending on what you want your smite damage to be).

So again, if you don’t build around it, having a negative effect on such a node would not affect you, when you don’t build around it anyway, but it would reduce the top end potential for some edge cases.

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I’m not sure if this was mentioned, I only skimmed the thread, but you don’t need stacks of Armament. The node before Smite allows you to proc with 0 stacks, as if you had 1 stack.

My solution to counter the inability to proc smite on single target is to self cast Smite while using the Devotion unique amulet. When your mana is 0, this provides a ton of cast speed. It’s not the best, but it’s more fun than intentionally missing, especially when it’s a mob type that doesn’t let you maintain distance.

Oh my bad, haven’t taken that node intro consideration, but it doesn’t change anything else discussed here anyway.

Having workaround or other Items helping you with singletarget is definitely cool and can also lead to some creativity, but I thinkl a node which allows up to 1 initial target to also get hit my smite would be fine, if balanced properly.

I think it would be very good to have it do something single target, but if it’s too weak I can just keep self casting smite. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with just allowing smite to proc on single target because of scaling.
If there’s a build that can abuse the initial hit, which is melee damage, with the smite proc for ridiculous damage, I’d be surprised. The two hits are completely different types. Spell vs melee. If you’re using a sceptre, it’s physical vs fire/lightning. I don’t know how you could abuse that to scale both. Can you provide any specific examples?

I already did gave an example…

You can put any damage type (except necoritc) on your melee weapon (scepter in this case) and also get it on other sources (most notably fire damage from sigils, paladin passive tree)

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I still don’t think it’d scale well enough. You would end up losing a lot of potential damage on smite from doing this.
I’ll try throwing a high damage lightning weapon on and see how the damage is

Reporting back. Initial testing with this weapon and adding both a 100% and 60% more multi resulted in continuing to hit like a wet noodle (in comparison to smite’s damage). This did, however, result in worse clearing with the smite procs as I reduced the area they could hit back to its base in order to get the multis. It also drops the damage of smite by about 40%. I might do more testing later, but it’s not looking good.

Awesome to see the feedback and discussion on this everyone :slight_smile:

Hi, there is one other way, but it comes with some investment. You can take the chance to throw hammer in the sentinel passive tree. Then you use some idols with cast smite chance on throwing hit.

Depending on your attack speed and idols and their percentages you will cast smite more or less. Not sure how viable it is and if it’s worth the investment though.

This way, you could avoid casting smite manually at times and put another skill on your bar.

While I agree that it could potentially be abused if the smite could hit the same target, if manually casting smite is just better than using the skill that would proc it, there is something wrong.

Multistrike still seems okay for niche animate weapon type builds, but it seems trash for the Smite stuff.

Multismite is pretty good overall, it’s just single target that is an issue. I can’t speak for the other variations of Multistrike, however.

You can cast smite on single target pretty easy, but you gotta kite a bit. Just get swiping blow for 60% range and you can spam smite on single target, just make sure you are hitting the air.