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Multistrike > Fiery Justice (Forge Strike) Mana Consumption? RE: Crushing Blows Node

Quick question here.

If you spec into Mutlistrike’s node “Fiery Justice”, you proc Forge Strike for 40 mana. Which skill is consuming the mana with this proc as it isn’t entirely clear? I am assuming Multistrike is proccing it? Then, would this added consumption be applied to Multistrike via the Crushing Blows node in the FG tree?

I’m trying to figure out which skill is using the mana, and, after, if they are then gaining damage from Crushing Blows. I am trying to get Forge Strike to cost as much mana as possible so that it gets extra damage as that is my single target “hard hitter” at the moment.

Any input appreciated.

The proc’d Forge Strike will get it’s own separate damage bonus from Crushing Blows, since all the node does is take a skill’s mana cost (regardless of whether you’re paying it or not) and use that to calculate a % increased damage. Unfortunately @Mike_Weicker wasn’t entirely clear if the Crushing Blows bonus would be based on the normal Forge Strike cost or the 40 mana you pay when Multistrike procs it.


At this point it’s a 5 mana difference which is 15% more damage. I think for the time being I am going to try out Rive instead of Multistrike and just cast Forge Strike manually like I’ve been doing.

Really going back and forth here.

That’s 15% increased, not 15% more. You’d be going from a 120% increased (the 40 mana cost on Multistrike) to 105% increased (25 base mana cost + 10 from Beneath Solarum), and that % increased damage would be added in to all the other % increased damage modifiers you have so the difference is going to be fairly small.

Yeah, that’s what I meant to say. Forgot increased and more are very different here (multiplicative vs additive). And I noticed the damage increase was minimal. Just trying to squeeze out any extra dps I can right now.