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Multistrike > Divine Bolt...or how to spam your screen with fireballs

So I am in the process of bringing up another sentinel and while messing around I found an interesting interaction.

Apparently, multistrike can proc divine bolts when you do, with the same amount of bolts. This can result in your screen then being spammed with 3-5 sets of divine bolts at 1-5 divine bolts depending on how you spec multistrike and divine bolts respectively.

I’ve uploaded a few short captures to show it in action. Please ignore the spec I am playing right now as I am transitioning to something. Also, I don’t typically upload or capture stuff so it’s just going to be the raw videos.


Divine Bolt has always been pretty useless imho… mainly because its aim was always off and you could never guarantee it would hit anything, even something right in front of you… Sometimes it would even aim at things off screen behind walls/structures that it couldnt possibly hit anyway…

I havent used it for ages because of this single factor and it still seems from watching one of your videos that nothing has really changed…

It defintely does seem like multistrike is proc’ing it well, but if you watch carefully there are lots of DBolts that dont hit anything…

This, combined with a generally lacklustre dps could still mean that its not really worth the sacrifice of passives vs other more dependable nodes…

Probably need a few people to do some real tests on it and see if its actually better than it was.

Agreed. At base it does something like 100 dps without mods. I just found it to be an interesting mechanic and with some of the more out there people that frequent the sentinel forum, we may see a meme build sometime.

Yeah, if I’m doing a melee Paladin I’d always pick up Divine Bolt & then 1 or two points in the next node for more bolts.

It’s base damage is 25 fire spell damage. So probably more useful if you’re doing a hybrid melee/caster with a sceptre & the Paladin adaptive spell damage while using a shield passives.

Ahh good! One of the memer’s I was thinking of has showed up. I thought of you when I saw this interaction for some reason…


Rune Dagger + Katana with the adaptive spell affix.

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I’m assuming that’s a complement…

I’m actually doing that with the healing/cleanse node on my minion Fg,work quite well for now(emp 100).

Looks like it could be pretty good for spamming ignite procs if ignite is given a boost into usability.

It is, though it’s a spell so it won’t benefit from the melee ignite in the Paladin passive tree.

Indeed it is. Between you and Hraefn, I keep learning of crazy build ideas.

Hopefully they give the paladin passive tree a once over next patch. Some of the nodes are just jarring.

Which ones?

Jarring isn’t the right word, lackluster is better. Feels like the “recently” nodes like Righteous Firebrand and Sword of Rahyeh need a little more oomph. Same with the every 3 secs gain +x damage nodes in Forge Guard. They just feel bland. I think I’m just spoiled by the idea of the Rogue’s shrouds and things like Perfection/Flow, even if I still play Paladin the majority of the time.

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