Multishot node Won't back down not working?

I specced into this node that states it can be used while oom. But as soon as I go oom it stops shooting and it seems the node is not working. Anyone else have this issue or am i missing something?

It works for me. From 17 projectiles with mana to 3 projectiles oom + being able to attack.
I’m using self cast with Giant Slayer/Pierce/Back to Back/Strong Pull.

That is so wierd, i even unspecced all of it and just went into the oom node instantly and still dont work. also removed all my gear to see if it had to do with some interaction but no difference

do you attack with normal attack speed while oom but fewer arrows?

my skill still greys out just like i am oom and i can’t attack. but when specced into this node i only shoot 3 arrows so that part works

yes normal attack speed

That’s a confusing statement, if you can’t attack what do you mean you only shoot 3 arrows?

exactly when i hit enough mana to go to negative the first attack only shoots 3 arrows and then i can’t attack again