Multiple Character QOL

Is there any talk of increasing the QOL for players who like to make multiple characters/builds and theory craft? Having to redo all idol/passive quests and waypoints when you make another character seems wasteful and boring.
So after you do it all once, have a skip campaign/unlock passives and idols checkbox on character creation?
Maybe after getting one character to 100? Or unlocking empowered monos? Thoughts/ideas?
And before you all just comment “dungeon alt leveling campaign skip” honestly I feel that’s not enough.


This is why I hate D4. They took the RPG out of ARPGs and now players think that’s the norm.


the short campaign path is absolutely enough in my opinion

Nah, if I wanna make 5 characters and try different builds I shouldn’t have to I unlock extra passives and idol slots every time. You wanna waste your time, don’t check the box.

Not wanting to do something does not create an obligation for the universe to accommodate your wishes.

Why can’t people just say “I would like it if it was this way or that way”, and leave it at that?

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That’s why I said is there any talks about this topic. And asked for thoughts and ideas, you gave yours, I disagreed. It’s a conversation on a forum.

I heard but don’t have a link to that EHG is going to streamline Dungeons a little more and add in alternate ways to get the Idol and Passive Points. I don’t have a link so I very well could be wrong, though. From what I have seen so far, most of the people who have been playing for a while seem to not like this idea (I have no idea why, it would be a great option), it is mostly new players from I see that want this (I have no hard stats to support that, it’s just from what I have seen personally). Considering Last Epoch has gained literally over 100k new consistent players in a month, I would wager this option will come around soon enough if that is what the new players want.

Also for the people arguing that this ruins the flow of the game or saying that the Dungeon features are enough. They are missing the point. The idea is to empower the player to invest their time spent in game doing the activities they love most with the least amount of resistance to that goal. This not only makes player happy but also incentives more replayability and player retention. Some one who enjoys going through the campaign or Dungeons literally loses nothing if the option exists to skip it. The option to skip the campaign and gain the Idol and Passive Points via a different way does not change the core gameplay loop in any way as Dungeons are still required for their rewards, Monoliths are still the farming areas (which can be accessed from level 20 onwards anyways) and the Arena is still the same. The core gameplay loop would stay exactly the same. It would just let players focus on the activities they enjoy.

The game is great but it has transitioned from being a cool indie gem to competing with AAA titles, EHG is well aware of that fact and they seem very open and proactive about making their game more accessible to the massive audience they just grabbed.


Did you try using the Search? This topic has been hashed and rehashed in at least 5 other lengthy threads.

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Yes, there is.

The campaign skips are expected to become more streamlined if you can handle the dungeons.

Theory craft changes are for you to be made on an excel sheet, in-game there’s no talks about that. Might change in the future when it becomes a bigger topic warranting to make a time-intensive coded mechanic for it.
The majority of people currently just want quick respec for the whole game and not solely a system for theory crafting without effect anywhere else. I’m all in your camp for mechanics directly catering to that though.

I think the passives and idols are really quick and easy to unlock if you are familiar with the quests. However, getting to empowered monoliths for nth time could use something. Maybe a faster way to generate stability in non empowered monoliths using a unique idol.

I have 25 characters… It’s already extremely quick to skip campaign, unlock passives/idols, and get to empowered monos… By the way, it’s even faster with friends…

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