Multiple bugs with controllers

There are so many bugs going on currently when using a controller.

-Sometimes the game will just stop letting you pick up items. The “A” button prompt doesn’t even appear. You need to use the mouse to mouse over to actually look at items. Lasts until you reset the game.

-The popup tooltip for viewing items on the ground will occasionally get stuck and remain on screen, no matter how far away you move from the item on the ground.

-The game autoruns you in a direction if you hold a direction the left stick and move the mouse at the same time.

I just wanted to corroborate on the first point about pickup prompts disappearing, seemingly at random. I’m sure there’s a specific thing triggering it but I haven’t figured it out yet. I will say that I am able to fix it by going back to the character select screen and re-entering the game.

Also, occasionally the game will decide that I’m not allowed to rotate while performing an attack and it feels like it’s locking on to something off-screen, often times in the direction I was last moving before starting an attack. I have to stop attacking for a second before “unlocking” and being able to attack in the direction I want.