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I’ve been following this game (invested in the game a while ago). I have friends I’ve been waiting to play multiplayer with. This may we a dumb question but when are we expecting the release of multiplayer? I know they’ve made a lot of progress and it takes time to make it so that the game is relatively fair when it’s released. I just really want to play with my friends and, unfortunately, don’t enjoy playing by myself as much.

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Welcome to the LE Forum.

Closed MP testing is ongoing and the regular patch cycle was skipped due to heavy focus on MP.

The next major patch is planned to be around September.
Will it entail MP going live? We don’t know.

My guess is, that it very likely could, if MP testing goes well.

The devs also talked about possible opt-in tests, which could happen prior to a release.

Thanks for the response, appreciate it.