Multiplayer teleport bug

When entering a new zone, or on teleporting back to town through a town portal, occasionally my friend would get “separated from her character” as she put it. There would be two of her character in the new instance, one she could control and move around, but the camera was centered on the stationary one. She could open any menu, and even attempted to spend some passive points, which consumed the point, but when she disconnected and reconnected, did not have the passive she had allocated.
We did speculate it might have had to do with her not being the party lead, because it only happened to her, but werent able to confirm or debunk the claim, it never happened to me but we were also limited on time for testing.
Sadly, we werent able to get a recording from her end, but I got two clips of it happening. We couldnt intentionally reproduce it, initially we thought it was her using my town portal after I had already teleported, but it didnt happen again that way.
The second clip is us just zoning into the first boss and it happening (second time we zoned, if that has anything to do with it.


On 4-6-23 it happened again, but to me this time. I was not in control of my character that was able to use skills, but the one I could move around was unable to perform any skills or attacks.
Also, this only seems to have happened in the boss rooms, I dont know if this is significant or not. I wasnt able to catch when the first ability character was alive, (didnt think about recording until afterwards) but this video shows the character I could control but the camera was not attached to.

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