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Multiplayer Progress Update - July

We would definitely not want to limit MTX visuals, and we are to be as crafty as humanly possible to ensure that MTX are both visually incredible while being performance oriented.

For example, we’d not disable others’ MTX pets, I was referring to minions that are part of gameplay.


I am glad to hear about the multiplayer news :slight_smile: and very happy to see the direction it is going!

Regarding the loot trading:
What will the trade system be like?
… Players in a party will also be able to gift items to each other, as long as the item dropped after both players joined the party.

I was wondering if it would be possible to create a small “permanent party” or a small “guild” so that we could trade items even if not everyone in that group is logged in and currently playing. Although, I would keep the requirement that only the items that dropped after the players join the “guild” can be shared (to prevent free trading).

My reason is that I would like to play with my friends from other timezones and share good loot that I get with them when I find it playing alone. Unfortunately, we can only play together so often because of life responsibilities and the timezone differences.

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What about the issue of joining town and being blinded by a dozen people’s overwrought MTX (PoE)? I know developers are going to be proud of their work but not everybody is going to like it, what about them?

I wonder where you got the idea that everyone is waiting for multiplayer?
If the save as it was and is local - it is not needed for nothing.
I am waiting for a network implementation with saving progress on the server, while I personally almost do not need multiplayer mode. Yes, nice, but not the main thing.
And as far as I remember, until it is implemented, a wipe of the characters is planned. those. it makes no sense to enter the game except to test the content. But not everyone wants to test without getting anything in return, I would like to at least keep some progress as a reward.

There is no wipe planned, you just need to start with a fresh new character in the online environment.

What happens to my current characters when multiplayer goes live?
All characters created offline will not be transferable to the online multiplayer environment. If you want to play multiplayer, you will have to start from level 1 again. Your current offline characters will still be available to play offline just as they are now.

but what is the difference?) I do not understand games with trade and multiplayer, where you can edit the save registry. For me, going online is the minimum requirement to play these kinds of games. Offline I can play various roguelikes without a social component.

The trade and multiplayer environment requires you to use a server authorized character, which is not stored locally and cannot be manipulated.

What people do with their local offline character saves is outside of EHG’s hand, but it will not affect any of the trade or multiplayer environment.


You will notice in this update that I mention that players are now saved online in our current Multiplayer environment. You cannot manipulate those files, and subsequently those characters. It’s going to be server authoritative.

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I would include the assumption that “visually incredible/performance oriented” will also account for this as much as we can. But this is a pretty theoretical conversation on outcomes we’ll have to recognize as they appear.