Multiplayer Is Ridiculously Bugged *PRIORITY*

Encountering a boatload of bugs in party play. Including:

  • Unable to join echoes after being in a party with someone else and have to relog. This may be because the person I was with is in an echo, but I have since left the party so this should not affect anything.

  • Sometimes unable to see the other player on the minimap.

  • Sometimes unable to see the party panel on the left, it just outright isn’t there.

  • Somehow ending up in different instances from someone in my party. I started a Soulfire Bastion with another player and when we entered floor 2, we were in different instances and couldn’t see each other. Upon arriving at the boss door we couldn’t vote through as the game didn’t detect us as being in the same area.

  • Disconnecting when teleporting to another player.

  • Getting stuck on loading screens while in a party and having to restart the game.

Party play feels shambolic currently and for a multiplayer ARPG this is hugely important. Huge thanks to the team for all you do!