Multiplayer gameplay session available only till Harton fight?

I was watching McFluffin’s stream when he dropped a bomb and I want to get some official info: is it true that during the multiplayer testing sessions gameplay will be available until Harton fight (so basically 1h of content)?

Maybe I missed something during McFluffin’s stream, or maybe I misunderstood him. Any info to clear things up would be great.

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There has been an update to that. Here is new info from mcfluffin

  1. The first two events will only have Arena blocked off.
  2. The third event which is open to everyone including players that don’t have the game, will have all content after Admiral Harton blocked off.

Thanks for the info.

Sorry if this came across as all three events! I was trying my best to clarify between the first two and the third but there was a lot of info to unpack so I might not have done the best job.

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