Multiplayer bugs make it just painful

A little background information: my wife and I enjoy playing video games together, and we’ve played several ARPGs together (except for D4, which we noped right out of after the first week). We’ve put over 100 hours into LE multiplayer and want to stick with it, but it’s been a painful process. And no word from devs that I’ve seen suggesting any relief is in sight. Below are just some struggles we’ve seen across multiple characters playing multiplayer.

  1. Monobosses - only the player who starts the monolith quest can complete it and get the boss rewards. We’ve tried taking turns alternating who starts the quest mono, but that doesn’t seem to work either.

  2. Multiplayer monolith quests in general—we’ve run into a bug on several different characters where if one of us dies during a monolith quest mission and the other person completes it, the person who died is unable to progress further as they immediately get disconnected and booted to character selection. If they ever try to do that quest again or even zone into that map, they just get continually booted out. We’ve had this happen on three different chars now. And we have to drop to single player to be able to complete it

  3. Dungeons - we’d like to be able to run dungeons together on alts while leveling. But, if one person dies and the other doesn’t, we end up in different spots in the campaign, and it seems to be bugged where if you rerun it and both live, the person who died originally doesn’t get credit. This has also happened across several attempts with different chars.

  4. Overall bugginess with multiplayer—across the 100+ hours we’ve played together, we’ve yet to make it more than an hour or two at a time before one of us has to log out and log back in to try to fix a bug. Often, it’s multiple times a session to fix weirdness, such as mobs stopping showing up for one player, one of us suddenly no longer showing on the other player’s minimap (yes, we’re in the same instance), quests randomly not auto progressing for one player, NPC’s randomly disappearing for one player. Most of these seem to resolve themselves if one player leaves the party, logs out, and goes back in again, but it is not an ideal solution.

Overall, we like Last Epoch, but multiplayer feels like an afterthought, and I’m sad it shipped in this condition, especially after so much time in EA.

Maybe put it in the category for “Feedback and suggestions” or “Bug reports”. Wanna make sure this doesnt get overlooked. :slight_smile: