Multiplayer bugged out my quest - An Ancient Path / An Ancient Hunt

I have a quest - an ancient path - and I’m in multiplayer with my partner. for some reason his quest updated when we went through the rift and mine did not… when he handed his finished quest in it gave us both the quest “An Ancient Hunt” in our quest logs. But because of this I’m unable to hand in to the Chronomancer “An Ancient Path” now I’ve managed to go back and complete this. I’m unable to abandon and repick up either of the quests so I’m now stuck with both quests in my questlog.

I can see this was raised as a bug in 2019 on one of your forums and someone said they would note it but it doesn’t seem to have been fixed, or if it was, multiplayer has now caused this to bug out again.

Speaking to Chronomancer just gives me the options to reset skill points or goodbye and that’s it.


logged out and in again, and issue still there - unable to hand in an ancient path - quite frustrating!


Seconding this same error. Wife and I both had the quest keep the “Enter the Time Rift” objective, our friend turned in the quest and we received “An Ancient Hunt” as well, but now we can’t talk to the Chronomancer to turn in “An Ancient Path”.

Update: Apparently turning in “An Ancient Hunt” cleared “An Ancient Path” for my wife and I. I just noticed that it was gone from my quest list, not sure if we got the experience for it.


+1 - had the exact same thing happen to a friend and I. I see the white ping telling us to turn it in, but get no chat option to actually turn in the quest.


VariableTerry and I are having this same bug

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The same happened to me too.

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